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National Air Quality Training Curriculum Project

Catalog of Courses (ver. 6) - 03/2012
Technical Needs Training Summary - 09/2011
Gap Analysis Summary Report - 02/2012
Professional Development Training Guide - 03/2012
PDTG: Public & Private Courses - 03/2012


APTI-Learn - The Air Pollution Training Institute (APTI) Learning Management System

APTI-Learn contains a listing of courses being held around the country along with EPA webinars and other training opportunities.  For a quick overview on the APTI-Learn click here.



Online Courses and Resources

NASA Applied Remote Sensing Training website

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency MACT Training

Air Quality in the Mid-Atlantic United States: An Educational Series

Tools for Trainers web site

MACT Rules Web Site (University of Tennessee)

EPA CBT Self Instructional Courses

EPA On-Demand Training Videos

MIT Open CourseWare Training

Johns Hopkins School of Public Health CourseWare Training

EPA Technology Transfer Network - Training Information

Air Quality Systems (AQS)

Ambient Monitoring

NCore Guidance Documents & Videos

Air Toxics Training Resources

Emissions Inventory

Emission Measurement Center

Atmospheric Modeling 

Classroom & Online Training Tools and Tips

Tips for Addressing Webinar Challenges

National Training Resources

EPA Air Pollution Training Institute

National Consolidated Classroom Schedule

CARB Compliance Training Program

National Enforcement Training Institute (NETI)

Rutgers University Air Pollution Training Program

Federal Highway Administration - Air Quality Resource Center

Air & Waste Management Association - Events

Regional Training Resources

Central States Air Resources Agencies (CenSARA)

National Association of Clean Air Agencies (NACAA)

Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (NESCAUM)

Metro 4-SESARM

Western States Air Resources Council (WESTAR)