Instructional Overview and Tips

Each module includes an instructional manual that goes over basic information along with suggested activities and slide overview. To help in the overall preparation for using the course modules an Instruction Manual Overview and a Course Preparation Tips document were developed. These documents provide an overview of important instructor preparation prior to deciding to offer any of the eight modules along with suggestions on what to do once you have decided what to present.

Instructional Manual Overview pdficon_small (659 kb)

Course Preparation Tips pdficon_small (31.9 kb)

Stock Modules, Revision Examples, and Module Instructional Manuals

Please note that the "stock" and "revised" presentations often contain many of the same slides. The "revised presentations are to demonstrate how the "stock" presentation could be reduced or even added to in order to best serve the user's needs.

Module 1: Air Pollution Impacts

Module 2: Major Air Pollutant

Module 3: Meteorology & Transport of Air Pollution

Module 4: Measuring Air Pollution

Module 5: Air Pollutant Emissions

Module 6: Communicating Air Quality to the Public

Module 7: Air Quality Solutions

Module 8: Overview of Air Quality