EMF Users Guide  
 Other EMF Training Videos
EMF Introduction Part 1 (Jan 2014)
     EMF Introduction Part 2 (Feb 2014)
     EMF Introduction Part 3 (Feb 2014)

EMF Peer Showcase Webinar #3 (Oct 2015)
    Temporalization of Non-CAMD EGUs Part 2 (H. Ashenafi)
    MDE NAICS and SCC Sort for Small EGUs
    MDE Temporalization Runs for Small EGUs
    Summarizing 2011/2018/2028 MARAMA Alpha Inventories (S. McCusker)
    Webinar Queries (S. McCusker)

EMF Peer Showcase Webinar #2 (Sept 2015)
    EGU Analysis (K. Kebschull and D. Oleniacz)
    Temporalization of Non-CAMD EGUs Part 1 (H. Ashenafi)
    MDE Queries to Create List of NonCAMD EGUs for Domain


EMF Peer Showcase Webinar #1 (May 2015)
    Presentation (Eastman)
    Presentation (Bodnarik, Healy)


How to Grow and Control Inventories (Jan 2015)
    Inventory Projection User's Guide   

    Inventory Projection Tutorial
EMF Temporalization Tool (Dec 2014)
    Temporalization Tool Users Guide
Advanced SQL for EMF (Feb 2015)
SQL for EMF (Nov  2014)
 Webinar presentation
    SQL Reference Guide
 EMF Basics - Part 2 (Oct 2014)
    Example Queries

 EMF Basics - Part 1 (Sept 2014)
    Tutorial:    Part 1   Part 2    
    (It is highly recommended that you complete both parts.)