The Emissions Modeling Framework (EMF) is a software system designed to facilitate air pollution emissions modeling.  The EMF houses and documents the development of emissions datasets for a variety of data types, facilitates analysis and mapping of the datasets, and temporalizes emissions inventories on a common time step from annual down to daily.  The associated CoST tool applies growth and controls information to create future year and controlled emissions inventories.  In addition, the associated CoST tool estimates the costs associated with the controls applied.  EMF and CoST were developed by USEPA and is used by them to support Air Quality Modeling and Regulatory Impact Analyses of proposed rules.  The MARAMA implementation of EMF is housed on the Cloud, which allows remote access by participants to inventory data and the associated analysis tools.

EMF is one-stop-shopping for air emission work.

   ▪ Remote access

 ▪ Future inventory development

   ▪ Organized file storage

 ▪ Prepare modeling files   

   ▪ Emissions data analysis tools

 ▪ Strategy cost analysis tools

   ▪ Graphical capabilities - Map emissions

 ▪ Temporalize inventory (e.g., daily or ozone season
   inventory can be prepared)

EMF Documentation:    EMF Users GuideCoST Users Guide; SQL Reference Guide; Temporalization Tool Users Guide


EMF Webinar Training