start_date end_date location event primary_topic secondary_topic
03/18/2010Raleigh, NCEPA/NACAA National Air Quality Conference (exit MARAMA)MonitoringPlanning
03/26/2010San Diego, CAAAAR Specialty Conference - Air Pollution and Health: Bridging the Gap from Sources to Health Outcomes **PlanningMonitoring
103/23/2010Philadelphia, PAEPA Region III/MARAMA Air Permits Workshop:  Setting Emission Limits and Ensuring that Compliance May be DeterminedPermitsCompliance/ Enforcement
102/24/2010Philadelphia, PA2010 Annual Monitoring Committee Training Workshop MonitoringPlanning
11/05/2009Nashville, TN2009 National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference (exit MARAMA)MonitoringPlanning
110/26/2009Harrisburg, PAMARAMA 2009 Training Committee Meeting Training
110/28/2009On-linePreparation of Fine Particulate Matter - Area Source Emission Inventories WebinarEmissionsPlanning
111/13/2012OnlineMDC Webinar: DERA Phase One & TwoDieselMobile Sources
07/08/2009Harrisburg, PAEPA MOVES Training Course Mobile SourcesInventory
107/29/2009Baltimore, MDMANE-VU 2009 Science Meeting: Total Reactive Nitrogen - Regional Haze Impacts and Mitigations Options PlanningInventory
106/11/2009Philadelphia, PAClean Air Act Enforcement Lessons Learned Workshop EnforcementPermits
102/24/2011Aberdeen, MDPermitting for Stationary Sources for Greenhouse GasesPermittingClimate Change
05/14/2009Philadelphia, PARegional/State/Local Modelers Workshop ** ModelingPermits
04/17/2009Baltimore, MD18th International Emissions Inventory Conference ** Emissions InventoryPlanning
03/05/2009Dallas, TXEPA/NACAA National Air Quality Conference ** MonitoringPlanning
102/12/2009Raleigh-Durham, NCWorkshop on SIP Timelines and Next StepsPlanning
111/07/2008Hunt Valley, MDHealth Effects Workshop Planning
111/13/2008Albany, NYNortheast and Mid-Atlantic Regional Emission Estimates Workshop co-sponsored: MARAMA-NESCAUM-NYSERDA-NARSTO Emissions InventoryPlanning
111/19/2008Richmond, VAAnnual Monitoring Committee Meeting Monitoring
109/09/2008Philadelphia, PAEPA/MARAMA Air Toxic Workshop:Implementing the Area Source Program ToxicsCompliance/ Enforcement
109/24/2008Fort Washington, PAWorkshop on Energy and Air Quality Issues Planning
108/06/2008Philadelphia, PA9th Annual Training Committee Meeting Training
08/07/2008Portland, MECIBO Industrial Emissions Control Technology VI Conference (exit MARAMA) Control TechnologyPermits
108/15/2008Baltimore, MDNorthern Transportation and Air Quality Summit (Sponsors: EPA, FWHA, MARAMA, MDC, and BMC) Mobile SourcesPlanning
07/10/2008New York, NYFaster Freight - Cleaner Air East Coast (FFCA) (exit MARAMA) DieselMobile Sources
107/10/2008Exton, PAAdvances in Control Technologies Workshop Control TechnologiesPermits
06/05/2008Portland, OR17th Annual International Emissions Inventory Conference (exit MARAMA) Emissions InventoryPlanning
06/12/2008Denver, COEPA Regional/State/Local Dispersion Modelers Workshop (exit MARAMA) ModelingPermits
04/09/2008Portland, OREPA/NACAA National Air Quality Conference ** (exit MARAMA) MonitoringPlanning
102/27/2008Baltimore, MDWorkshop on Linking Climate and Air Quality PlanningClimate
110/25/2007Ocean City, MDMARAMA Annual Monitoring MeetingMonitoringPlanning
109/27/2007Philadelphia, PAResidential Wood Combustion Workshop PlanningEmissions Inventory
108/23/2007Asheville, NCMARAMA Training Committee Meeting Training
107/11/2007Timonium, MD2007 Regional Haze Science Meeting (Co-sponsored by MANE-VU and MidWest-RPO) Regional HazePlanning
107/12/2007Timonium, MDResidential Wood Combustion Regional Haze SIP Day (Co-sponsored by MANE-VU and EPA) Regional HazePlanning
05/17/2007Raleigh, NC16th Annual International Emissions Inventory Conference (exit MARAMA) Emissions InventoryPlanning
104/24/2007Philadelphia, PAWorkshop on Innovative Funding for Clean Diesel Initiatives DieselMobile Sources
102/07/2007Cape May, NJMARAMA Workshop on Weight of Evidence Demonstrations for Ozone SIPs PlanningData Analysis
02/14/2007Orlando, FL2007 National Air Quality Conference (exit MARAMA) MonitoringData Analysis
11/09/2006Las Vegas, NV2006 National Air Monitoring Conference (exit MARAMA) MonitoringData Analysis
108/22/2006Philadelphia, PAMid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative: Diesel Emission Calculation Workshop DieselEmissions Inventory
109/19/2012Valley Forge, PA2012 Monitoring Committee MeetingMonitoring Data Analysis
06/13/2006Cherry Hill, NJMANE-VU Modeling & Control Strategy Meeting Regional HazeModeling
106/15/2006Cherry Hill, NJ2006 MARAMA Training Committee Meeting Training
05/18/2006New Orleans, LA15th Annual International Emissions Inventory Conference - "Reinventing Inventories - New Ideas in New Orleans" (exit MARAMA) Emissions Inventory
05/18/2006Pittsburgh, PANETL Environmental Controls Conference (exit MARAMA) Control TechnologyPermits
05/19/2006San Diego, CARegional/State/Local Air Modelers Workshop (exit MARAMA) ModelingPlanning
103/07/2006Manchester, NHMANE-VU Workshop on Class I Area SIPS for Regional Haze Regional Haze
102/09/2006Wilmington, DEMARAMA Permits Managers Workshop Permitting
102/28/2006Washington, DCMid-Atlantic Diesel Collaborative Kickoff Workshop (exit MARAMA) DieselMobile Sources
111/10/2005Baltimore, MDMANE-VU Science & Policy MeetingRegional HazePlanning
111/17/2005Ocean City, MDAnnual Monitoring Meeting MonitoringData Analysis
110/20/2005Philadelphia, PA2005 MARAMA/EPA Region III Air Toxics Summit ToxicsCompliance/ Enforcement
109/28/2005Baltimore, MDMANE-VU Emission Inventory Projection Meeting Emissions InventoryPlanning
106/15/2005Annapolis, MD2005 MARAMA Training Committee MeetingTraining
105/18/2005New Orleans, LAEPA Regional, State and Local Modelers Workshop (Exit MARAMA) ModelingPermits
104/14/2005Las Vegas, NV14th Annual International Emission Inventory Conference (Exit MARAMA) Emissions InventoryPlanning
103/23/2005Philadelphia, PAMARAMA/NESCAUM Continuous Monitor Training Workshop Monitoring
102/15/2005Baltimore MDMANE-VU EGU Forecasting Meeting Regional HazeEmissions Inventory
110/20/2004Atlantic City, NJJoint MARAMA/NESCAUM Air Monitoring Meeting Monitoring
109/30/2004Washington, DCMANE-VU Modeling and Data Analysis/Monitoring Meeting ModelingData Analysis
106/16/2004Philadelphia, PA2004 Air Toxics Summit ToxicsCompliance/ Enforcement
06/02/2010Philadelphia, PAGreenhouse Gas Mandatory Reporting Rule Region 3 Training Session (exit MARAMA)ClimateEmissions
05/13/2010Portland, OREPA Regional/State/Local Modelers Meeting (exit MARAMA)ModelingPermits
109/28/10Baltimore, MDMARAMA SIP Coordination WorkshopPlanningSIP
103/21/2013Norristown, PABasic Inspector Training Course (CARB 350)Compliance/ EnforcementPermitting
111/08/2012OnlineMARAMA/ICAC Engine Control Technologies & Measurements Webinar
09/30/10San Antonio, TXEPA International Emission Inventory Workshop (MARAMA support)Emission InventoryPlanning
103/21/2013OnlineCurrent Topics in Mercury and Air Quality I - The Problem and Current RemediesGeneralMonitoring/ Permitting
102/21/2013OnlineMeteorology and Climatology 101 WebinarGeneral
102/27/2013Annapolis, MDMARAMA Transportation & Air Quality WorkshopMobile Sources
101/15/2013Richmond, VATheory & Application of Common Air Pollution Control Devices Course (CARB 299)Compliance/ EnforcementPermitting
101/17/2013Richmond, VABiomass Fired Boilers Course (CARB 274)Compliance/ EnforcementPermitting
101/20/2011College Park, MD2011 MARAMA Data Analysis WorkshopData AnalysisMonitoring
102/17/2011Conference CallMDC Reducing Diesel Emissions in the Construction SectorDieselMobile
103/17/2011Philadelphia, PAMid-Atlantic Climate Change Mitigation and Co-Benefits WorkshopClimate Change
03/10/2011San Diego, CA2011 National Air Quality ConferenceMonitoring Planning
103/24/2011Harrisonburg, VACARB 200 SeriesCompliance/ EnforcementPermitting
04/07/2011Dallas, TXNational Air Toxics Monitoring and Data Analysis WorkshopMonitoringData Analysis
105/19/2011Baltimore, MDAdvances in Air Pollution Control TechnologiesCompliance/ EnforcementPermits
104/13/2011Research Triangle Park, NC2011 Annual Monitoring Committee WorkshopMonitoringData Analysis
107/26/2011WebinarMARAMA/ICAC Mercury (Hg) CEMS Webinar
107/21/2011Research Triangle Park, NCCommunicating Air Quality to the Community Training WorkshopOutreachMonitoring
107/14/2011Norristown, PAAdvanced Inspection Course (CARB 355)Compliance/ Enforcement
110/06/2011WebinarPM CEMS WebinarPermitting
110/20/2011WebinarPart 2: PM CEMS WebinarPermitting
102/14/2012Philadelphia, PA2012 MARAMA Science MeetingPlanning
111/30/2011Norristown, PAEmissions Calculations & Data Reductions CourseCompliance/ EnforcementPermitting
101/26/2012Richmond, VABACT Determination WorkshopCompliance/ EnforcementPermitting
102/02/2012Wilmington, DEBACT Determination WorkshopCompliance/ EnforcementPermitting
101/25/2012On-lineMDC Quarterly Call: Replacing Dray Trucks in the Mid-Atlantic RegionDiesel
103/28/2012Aberdeen, MDMARAMA-EPA Region III NSR/PSD/GHG Training WorkshopPermitting
103/22/2012Harrisburg, PAAir Dispersion Models Applications Course (APTI 423)PermittingModeling
11/6/2003St. Louis, MORPO National Technical Workgroup MeetingRegional HazePlanning
05/04/2012Chicago, ILEPA 2012 Regional/State/Local Modelers WorkshopModeling
05/17/2012Denver, COEPA 2012 National Air Quality ConferenceMonitoring Data Analysis
105/15/2012OnlineA Brief Introduction to the Clean Air Act Webinar TrainingGeneral
108/22/2012Timonium, MDMARAMA 2012 Air Toxics WorkshopToxicsPermitting
108/16/2012Norristown, PACARB 101 Course SeriesCompliance/ EnforcementPermitting
8/16/2012Tampa, FL2012 International Emissions Inventory ConferenceEmissions Inventory
17/26/2012Aberdeen, MDAir Dispersion Models: Overview & Application Course (APTI 423)PermittingModeling
17/20/2012Aberdeen, MDIncinerators Course (CARB 270)Compliance/ EnforcementPermitting
17/18/2012Aberdeen, MDAggregates, Asphalt, and Concrete Batch Processing Course (CARB 246)Compliance/ EnforcementPermitting
17/19/2012Aberdeen, MDStationary Reciprocating Engines Course (CARB 271)Compliance/ EnforcementPermitting
17/19/2012OnlineMARAMA/ICAC SO2 & HCL Control Technologies WebinarPermittingCompliance/ Enforcement
17/12/2012OnlineA Brief Introduction to Modeling TopicsModeling
111/28/2012OnlineProject Management Essentials for Environmental Professionals (Part 1)General
112/05/2012OnlineProject Management Essentials for Environmental Professionals (Part 2)General
103/12/2013OnlineMDC Quarterly Webinar: Leveraging CMAQ Funding for Diesel ProjectsDieselMobile Sources