Working Principles for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Technical Center

Approved by the MARAMA Directors
January 14, 1999

The purpose of the Regional Technical Center is collaboration among state and local agencies in Region III on technical analyses and issues related to the national standards for ozone, fine particulate matter, and regional haze. In addition, the Technical Center will facilitate coordination with neighboring states, regions, and other technical centers.  

The Technical Center will focus on the development of State Implementation Plan elements such as emissions inventories, modeling protocols, modeling demonstrations, and weight of evidence demonstrations. 

State and local agencies that participate with the Technical Center retain the responsibility to meet the requirements of the Clean Air Act, including development and submittal of State Implementation Plans.

Region III EPA will be an active participant in the Regional Technical Center, and experts from OAQPS will also be asked and expected to participate.

The Technical Center will accomplish technical work through the collaborative efforts of participating agencies and through the use of consultants/universities/or other experts.

State and local agencies that participate in the Technical Center commit to conducting modeling and analyses that represent the highest possible level of technical expertise and show no favoritism or the appearance of favoritism. MARAMA will ensure that experts from participating agencies and/or EPA review work conducted under any Technical Center contracts.

To facilitate cooperation, MARAMA will schedule technical staff conference calls at least once a month and informal meetings at least once a quarter. Directors as well as technical staff will be informed of all calls and meetings. A quarterly briefing and discussion for directors will be scheduled as part of the quarterly MARAMA Board meeting. Technical staff and Directors may request more frequent meetings or calls if needed.

The Committee will actively promote coordination with adjoining states and regions.

The MARAMA web site will include periodic updates on Technical Center activities and work products.