Updated January 29, 2016

This inventory uses 2011 as the base year.  Projections have been developed for 2018 and 2028.  The Technical Support Documentation (TSD) explains the data source, methods and results for preparing the emission inventory for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic/Northeast.

Spreadsheet summary of the inventory by sector and state

2011/2018/2028 Compiled Technical Support Documentation

Response to Stakeholder Comments

Appendix A – ERTAC, CAMD and NEI Cross Reference File
Appendix B – ERTAC Unit Availability File
Appendix C – CAMD 2011 Unit File
Appendix D – AP42 Coal Combustion
Appendix E – AP42 Fuel Oil Combustion
Appendix F – AP42 Natural Gas Combustion
Appendix G – AP42 Stationary Gas Turbines

Appendix H – UAF Emission Factors for Other Pollutants
Appendix I – ERTAC Controls File for Other Pollutants
Appendix J – AEO2014 Energy Consumption by Sector and Source New England

Appendix K – AEO2014 Energy Consumption by Sector and Source Mid-Atlantic

Appendix L – AEO2014 Energy Consumption by Sector and Source South Atlantic

Appendix M – State Employment Projections

Appendix N – State Preferences for Growth and Control Factors

Appendix O – Projection Factors Spreadsheet PointNonIPM 2015_01_22

Appendix P – EPA 2018 CoST Packets

Appendix Q – MARAMA EMF Controls Packet

Appendix R – MARAMA EMF Closures Packet

Appendix S – Ozone Transport Commission State 2001 Rule Adoption

Appendix T – Ozone Transport Commission State 2006 Rule Adoption

Appendix U – Ozone Transport Commission State 2009-2014 Rule Adoption

Appendix V – OTC/MANE-VU Control Matrix with State Recommendations

Appendix W – State Population Projections

Appendix X – AEO2014 Crude Oil Production

Appendix Y – AEO2014 Natural Gas Production

Appendix Z – Projection Factors Spreadsheet NonPoint 2015_01_22

Appendix AA – Emission Reduction Calculations for Portable Fuel Containers

Appendix BB – CMV and Locomotive Growth and Control Factor Data

Appendix CC – Projection Factors Spreadsheet Aircraft GSE APU 2015_01_22

Appendix DD – EIS Quality Assurance Checks

Appendix EE – 2011 NEI Quality Assurance Plan

Appendix FF – MARAMA Alpha Reports

Appendix GG – SCC Assignments to MARAMA Sectors



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