MARAMA hired MACTEC Federal Programs, Inc. to prepare a report assessing control measure options for petroleum refinery emissions and developing model rule provisions. The project was completed in three phases:

  • Phase I analyzed emissions from all refinery processes, identified existing pollution control requirements, and assessed refinery processes in order of significance of emissions and the potential for additional emission reductions.

  • Phase II identified potential control measures for seven refinery processes and evaluated the cost and technical feasibility of controls.

  • Phase III involved the drafting of model rules for states to consider as they develop their SIPs. At the direction of the MARAMA board, model rules were developed for three processes: catalytic cracking units, equipment leaks, and flares.

All documents are in Adobe Acrobat® format.

Final Report, "Assessment of Control Technology Options for Petroleum Refineries in the Mid-Atlantic Region" - February 19, 2007

Model Rule for Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Units - February 19, 2007

Model Rule for Enhanced Monitoring of Equipment Leaks at Petroleum Refineries - February 19, 2007

Model Rule for Petroleum Refinery Flares - February 19, 2007

Summary of Stakeholder Comments - November 21, 2006