Combined Aerosol and Trajectory Tool (CATT)

Through a grant from MANE-VU, MARAMA funded Dr. Rudy Husar of Washington University in St. Louis for work on the Combined Aerosol and Trajectory Tool (CATT). CATT is a relational database and query system allowing connectivity to multiple measured aerosol and receptor model data sets and gridded trajectory data. This facilitates pairing wind trajectories with aerosol data to help identify the location of sources of air pollutants that impair visibility.

The data analysis community anticipates that using this tool will provide important information about potential source regions affecting Class I areas and will help set priorities for emissions inventory improvement projects as well as control strategy developments. The results should also provide useful insights into sources contributing to regional background concentrations of PM2.5.

For more information read the Fact Sheet - February 2005 (Adobe Acroat® format) or visit the Combined Aerosol/Trajectory Database Tool website.

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