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Emissions from residential wood combustion are a significant source of primary fine particle emissions. The Emissions Inventory Improvement Program (EIIP) recommends conducting a survey to obtain information about the amount of residential wood combustion. MARAMA managed a project to conduct a survey and develop an improved emissions inventory for residential wood combustion for the Mid-Atlantic-Northeast Visibility Union (MANE-VU). The project addresses residential wood combustion from home fireplaces, woodstoves and other wood burning sources for both rural and urban residents.

Phase I of this project, completed in July 2001, produced a work plan for conducting surveys, including survey instruments and sampling designs.

In Phase II, completed in January 2003, the contractor tested the survey instrument, designed the survey and provided information to post on the MANE-VU website to help answer questions of those surveyed.

In Phase III, started in February 2003, the contractor conducted the full survey and is preparing an improved emission inventory. The survey was categorized by geographic locations based on high,medium and low heating degree days (HDD); suburban, urban or rural classifications; and housing type (single family or other). Based on the survey responses, a multivariate model was created to estimate emissions from this source based on location, housing type, and HDD zones.

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Frequently Asked Questions - October 23, 2003

Project Website:

MANE-VU Residential Wood Combustion Survey, and Emissions Inventory Development Project Website- July 2004

Final Report & Supporting Documentation:

MANE-VU Residential Wood Combustion Emissions Inventory Final Report- July 2004

Final MANE-VU Residential Wood Combustion Emissions Inventory NIF database files (Zipped - Microsoft® Access 2000 file) - June 2004

Final Residential Wood Combustion NIF files (Zipped - Microsoft® Access 1997)

NOTE: Please check the Final Report for all corrections to Technical Memoranda 1-6.

Residential Wood Combustion Database Table available (includes census tract data and emissions data)

QA Output Files (zipped - Microsoft® Access 2000) - May 19, 2004 
EPA QA format and content check output

Emissions Inventory Technical Memorandum 6 Final - May 2004

Technical Memorandum 6 Appendix B Figures (8.22MB)

Survey Data Analysis and Emissions Inventory Inputs Technical Memorandum 5 Final  - March 2004

Final Technical Memorandum 5 Appendix B

Combustion Activity Survey Results Technical Memorandum 4 Final - July 8, 2003

Technical Memorandum 4 Database (Microsoft® Access file)

Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) - May 19, 2003

Gathering Open Burning Activity Information and Limitations of the EIIP Preferred Methodology Abstract  - (S. Baumann-MARAMA; S. Roe-Pechan; K.Thesing-Pechan)
Emission Inventory Conference: Emissions Inventories - Applying New Technologies - April 28-May 1, 2003

Pilot Survey and Final Survey Instrument Technical Memorandum 3 Final  - January 2003

Emissions Inventory Format for Activity Data in the Wood Consumption Technical Memorandum 2 Final  - December 2002

Sample Frame Development Technical Memorandum 1 Final  - December 2002

Technical Memorandum 1 Figures  - December 2002