The MARAMA Technical group works with member agency staff and EPA to coordinate and enhance capabilities across the region to create needed technical products, develop agency technical abilities and respond to current issues impacting air quality. MARAMA began working with Northeastern Air Quality agencies over 20 years ago in response to the need for regional haze improvements and during this time has expanded its technical products and capabilities for use in planning to reduce ozone concentrations as well as other pollutants using a multi-pollutant approach.

Specifically, MARAMA has coordinated agency work to create emissions inventories for submission to the National Emissions Inventory (NEI) and use in a variety of planning and modeling applications. This work has been expanded to include development of inventory products including a model to estimate present and future impacts from electric generation (ERTAC EGU) and the Emissions Modeling Framework (EMF), for management and projection of emissions inventories.

Most recently MARAMA created a series of training sessions presented in a webinar format to expand member data analysis capabilities using the R Statistical Programming Language. MARAMA consistently presents technical workshops and webinars to further train member agency technical staff.

Finally, MARAMA assists member agencies in their responses to current issues including:

  • the impact of transportation changes,
  • dispersion modeling,
  • oil and gas extraction,
  • fumigation and emerging pollutant emissions,
  • regulations and guidance.

MARAMA sponsors a number of technical workgroups intended to coordinate efforts, train staff, and disseminate information on air quality topics for members, the region, and the nation.

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Organization (MJO) MOVES Workgroup – MJO MOVES.  MARAMA convenes a monthly national MOVES workgroup with multiple goals including: 1) Explore ways to improve MOVES inputs; 2) Train agency mobile staff concerning the MOVES model; 3) Provide Coordination among participating agencies concerning mobile topics.  The webinar is documented on a wiki that can be accessed here.
  • AERMOD Workgroup – The purpose of this quarterly MARAMA workgroup is to learn and share information that pertains to AERMOD / Dispersion Modeling along with gathering new information and gaining perspective from our neighboring state & local agencies.

MARAMA sponsors 2-3 workshops annually which are intended to allow seasoned state agency staff to meet and compare notes on current topics for the purpose of training and coordination.  Workshop format are presentations by top agency staff concerning experience relevant to the whole region, followed by a panel responding to targeted questions, and general group discussion.   Links for agendas and presentations are provided for each workshop.