Particulate matter continuous emissions monitoring systems (PM CEMS) is a commercially available technology and has been installed on sources in the Hazardous Waste Incineration, Rock Products, and Electricity Generating sectors. 

The guest speakers on the two webinars provided their insights on how affected sources may comply and challenges they face implementing the ICI Boiler, Utility, and Cement National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollution (NESHAP) rules.


  • Technology Overview
    • Julie McDill (MARAMA) - Handout  -- Presentation
  • Optical Based Technology
    • Dan Kietzer (Sick Maihak) - Handout -- Presentation
  • TEOM Technology
    • Jeremy Whorton (Thermo Fisher Scientific) - Handout -- Presentation
    Beta-Gauge Technology
    • Craig Clapsaddle (MSI) - Handout -- Presentation

Regulatory & Health

  • EPA Presentations: Health and Regulatory Drivers for PM Monitoring
    • Beth Hassett-Sipple (EPA) - Handout --Presentation
      Rich Damberg (EPA) - Handout - Presentation
  • EPA Presentations: PM10/PM2.5 Test Method
    • Ron Myers (EPA) - Handout -- Presentation


State Experiences

  • Narendra Kumar (Pennsylvania DEP) - Handout
  • Peter Yronwode (Missouri DNR) - Handout
  • Dennis Igboko (North Carolina DENR) - Handout
  • Greg Parrish (Pennsylvania DEP) - Handout