November 19-21, 2013


Registration Deadline:

November 5, 2013


Hotel Deadline:

October 28, 2013

Hotel Information


Albany, NY


Please be advised: Students cannot participate in the training unless they have completed the webinar sessions located at the bottom of this page.

Also, there has been a revision to the suggested schedule for webinar viewing.

Final Agenda

MARAMA is offering travel support for member agency staff who complete the prerequisite webinar training and attend the 2- or 3-day course, "Introduction to Remote Sensing for Air quality Applications," in Albany, New York November 19-20 and 21. It's likely you would need to travel on November 18. This is a good opportunity to learn the basics of using satellite data, but it requires a time commitment. The focus of the final day is exceptional events.

A description of the course and prerequisites follows.


If you are interested in the course, please fill out this Pre-Workshop Survey and email it to Joan Walstrum at MARAMA (jwalstrum [at] Please also let her know if you believe you will need travel support from MARAMA.

Register for the In-Person Training

The NASA Applied Remote Sensing Training Program (ARSET) will be offering a two-part training course November 19th – 21st which will be hosted by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation in Albany New York. ARSET provides professional training in the application of NASA Earth Science data for air quality, water resources and disaster management. The first part of the course on November 19 and 20 will use lectures, demonstrations and hands on activities whenever possible. Participation in this course will require prior completion of a webinar series (see below) for those who do not have experience using remote sensing data.

Expected outcomes of the initial two-day training are:

- An awareness of the availability of satellite remote sensing products and their capabilities and limitations for particulate matter and trace gas measurements.

- The ability to find and use web based images and data for use in air quality applications.

- An understanding of the elements needed to evaluate and make use of remote sensing products.

 Waltrum (jwalstrum [at] at MARAMA.

Although it is not expected that participants will develop the expertise from this training to be able to acquire and use satellite data independent of web based tools, it is expected that individuals and agencies will obtain a better sense of which satellite products will be worth a further investment of time and resources.

Part two of the course will be offered on Thursday November 21st, and participants who wish to complete the full training may register for this part independently. Part two will emphasize how to analyze an air quality event using the same type of tools and data which could be used to prepare an exceptional event submission.

A detailed agenda for these events is being developed. As an example, above is a detailed agenda from a prior workshop.

Prior to the in-person Albany training, each participant should complete a 5-session webinar course which is recorded and available on the ARSET website. Each webinar runs from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Each presentation includes a follow up activity which can take up to 30 minutes to complete. Participants may view the materials and complete them at their own pace. For your convenience NASA will hold a live question and answer session corresponding to each recorded presentation according to the suggested viewing schedule below.

Register for the Webinar Training

The optional question and answer sessions will take place on five consecutive Wednesdays beginning on October 2nd at 2 PM EDT.

Materials and recordings for the webinar series can be found here:

Weekly topics for this series are:


1. Remote Sensing Overview and Course Introduction
Suggested viewing time: Sept 26 - Oct. 7. QA Session October 9nd 2 pm.
Follow up Activity due October 9th

2. Fundamentals of Remote Sensing and Sensors
Suggested viewing time: Oct 9 - Oct. 15. QA Session October 16th 2 pm.
Follow up Activity due October 15th

3. Satellite Imagery
Suggested viewing time: Oct 16 - Oct 22. QA Session October 23th 2 pm.
Follow up Activity due October 22nd

4. Remote Sensing of Particulate Matter
Suggested viewing time: Oct 23 - Oct 29. QA Session October 30th 2 pm.
Follow up Activity due October 29th

5. Remote Sensing of Trace Gases.
Suggested viewing time: Oct 30 - Nov 5. QA Session November 6th 2 pm.
Follow up Activity due November 6th

Follow up assignments must be submitted prior to the following week's QA session for those attending an in-person course or for those not attending who wish to receive a certificate of completion for the webinar series.

MARAMA members are asked to please e-mail Joan Walstrum, jwalstrum [at], if you plan to attend this course.

Course Location:

DEC Training Coordinator: Heidi von Linden -Division of Air Resources, 11th floor, 518-402-8401.

Website: NYSDEC’s public website -

Location: NYSDEC 6th floor Computer Training room 631

On-site amenities at DEC:

-Vinny’s Café- Daily specials, soups, deli sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches, muffins, bagels, coffee and drinks.

-John’s Last Stand- News stand with drinks and snacks for sale

Hotel and Parking Information:

Map of nearby hotels:

There is a room block at the Holiday Inn Express (Downtown Albany)

300 Broadway Albany, NY 12207

(518) 434-4111

Attendees are responsible for the cost of their room ($111/night + Tax) unless previously approved for support by MARAMA. Mention NESCAUM to be placed in the block.

There is free parking available at this hotel.

Parking: Visit the Albany Parking Authority website for maps and garage locations.

-On street meter parking available (4 hr. max).

-Numerous private lost with early bird specials (not on Parking Authority map).

-Riverfront Garage- Columbia Street, between Broadway and Water Street. Daily rate $11.

-Quackenbush Garage- Orange Street Between Braodway and Water Street. Daily rate $11.

-Quackenbush Lot- (located behind the Quackenbush Garage. Accessed from Spencer Street

off of Broadway) $1/hour from 8 to 5. Max Fee $6.