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Closed: May 13, 2013

MARAMA received proposals from Confluence and HindSite Interactive. The contract was awarded to Confluence.

Request for Proposal for Training Instructors  pdficon_small


Questions & Answers (updated 11/20/2012)

Posted:  November 19, 2012

Update: February 13, 2013

Thank you to those who submitted your proposal in response to the MARAMA Request for Proposals for Training Instructors.  After reviewing the proposals with our project technical committee, we have determined that the RFP should be revised and re-issued.  

A new request for proposals with additional details outlining MARAMA’s specific needs is being developed.  We expect to issue the revised RFP in late February or early March.   Please check back for the updated RFP.

Request for Preliminary Applications for DERA 2012
See linked document for further information what is required.

Due:  May 18, 2012

Request for Proposals:  Support of Emission Inventory Development 2012

Unit Availability File (UAF) (Microsoft Excel format)

MOVES Documentation 2007 & 2020

EGU 2007 Emission Factor Draft Calculation Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel format)

EGU 2007 Emission Factor Draft Documentation

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Updated: 4/25/2012

MARAMA received proposals from UNC Institute for the Environment, Eastern Research Group, Inc, SRA International, Alpine Geophysics, and Providence Engineering and Environmental Group.  The contract for Task 1 was awarded to UNC Institute for the Environment.  The contract for Task 3 was awarded to SRA International.  No contract has yet been assigned for Task 2.