Truck Replacement Program Assistance

Posted: January 22, 2015

Proposals due: 5 pm  EST February 19, 2015. 

An electronic copy (Word of PDF) should be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contractor's questions/MARAMA's answers should be emailed to Debbie Thomas at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Answers will be posted until 12:00 pm EST on February 11. 


MARAMA recieved proposals from: University of Maryland, Ecologix, Virginia Clean Cities, Eric Shelton, GNA, and ERG. The contract was awarded to University of Maryland.

Question: Does MARAMA require consultants to carry insurance as a condition of the contract? If so, what type of insurance and what are the minimum coverage amounts?

 Answer: Yes, the consultant to this project should have a Workers Compensation Policy, personal Medical Plan Coverage and a Business Owners Policy. No cyber liability coverage will be required but consultant needs to have a plan to protect and safeguard applicants’ personal data. Additionally, the consultant should understand that he/she is excluded from MARAMA’s Workers Compensation Policy.  

Question: Did MARAMA prepare a work plan/proposal to EPA as a condition for receiving the grant? If so, is it available for review?

Answer: Yes, MARAMA did submit a work plan to the EPA, which will be made available to the consultant that is selected for this project.

Question: Can you provide an estimated budget amount to complete the scope of work described in the proposal?

Answer: The budget will be developed after we review proposals and is not currently available.

Question: Did MARAMA submit its DERA funding proposal to EPA along with a partnering firm or other entity? If yes, which?

Answer: For the RPF, MARAMA assumed services such as those provided by the University of Maryland on a previous truck replacement project would be provided by the University of Maryland or another contractor.

Question: Can you point to an example of a website that MARAMA believes is analogous to the website it would like to see created as a result of this project?

Answer:This active link is a good example of a program website that would work similarly for MARAMA’s program.

However, most of the documents neded for MARAMA's website such as the program application, truck and finance vendor names and contacts, scrapping your truck information etc., have already been drafted by MARAMA.  

Question: Can you provide a list of individuals or agencies that are on the evaluation panel for this project's RFP?

Answer: There is an evaluation panel, but we will not reveal those individuals or their agencies.

Question: With the new Dray Truck Replacement Program, does MARAMA intend to recycle any of the branding or collateral materials created for the previous program (with relevant updates)? Or will the new program stand alone, with a new look and all new materials?

Answer: MARAMA has updated the materials previously used for the Smartway Truck Replacement Program to reflect the revised conditions of the current grant.

Question: Will all program materials need to be produced in both English and Spanish?

Answer: The materials will be in English.

Question: Will stickers continue to be issued to successful applicants who purchase a newer truck, as was done in the first program?

Answer: Stickers come from the specific port authorities that are involved with the program. MARAMA would like to continue this type of partnership with the Virginia and Delaware Ports.