TOXC229 and TOXC106
TOXC229 Landfill Gas Control FacilitiesJuly 18, 20238:30 AM – 4:30 PM EDT
TOXC106 VOC Control DevicesJuly 19, 20238:30 AM – 4:00 PM EDT
Instructors: Bob Waterfall and Larry Sitzman
This training course series (outlined below) is intended for new, entry-level as well as semi-experienced staff.
Maximum Attendance for each course is 30 students
in order to allow for instructors to fully engage students and manage Question and Answer sessions, ultimately making each course more interactive. MARAMA will work with your state agency Training Coordinators to confirm and prioritize attendance as necessary. You will receive a confirmation notice from the new LMS system once you have been ENROLLED in each course.
Registration Deadline Date: July 1, 2023
Registration Contact Information: Sue Dilli and Jackie Burkhardt (, or Sharon Ray (

TOXC229 Landfill Gas Control Facilities | July 18, 2023 | AGENDA
Course Description:
After completion of this one-day course, learners will be able to explain key elements relating to landfill gas control facilities, which include:
• Primary and secondary air pollutants at landfills
• Methane monitoring equipment
• Scientific principles behind landfill gas generation
• Landfill gas collection technologies and principles
• Landfill gas controls and energy uses
• Landfill gas monitoring equipment and proper use
• Regulations
• Inspection and safety

TOXC106 Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Control Devices | July 19, 2023 | AGENDA
Course Description: This course provides an overview of equipment used to control the emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Specifically: absorbers, adsorbers, condensers and oxidizers will each be covered. Classroom discussion will focus on process descriptions, rule discussion and inspection procedures for the VOC control equipment. The afternoon field visit will allow students to see and inspect one of the control options covered in class.
Those completing this course will gain a basic understanding of the general information associated with volatile organic compound control devices. Attendees will be able to perform regulatory reviews involving the following elements of gaseous emissions control.
The following topics will be covered in this course:
• Absorbers
• Adsorbers
• Condensers
• Oxidizers
• Process descriptions
• Rule discussion
• Inspection procedures

MARAMA will offer support to cover the cost of room and tax only (up to the government per diem rate of $98.00 plus tax per night) for the nights of July 17th for TOXC229 Landfill Gas Control Facilities and July 18th for TOXC106 VOC Control Devices for up to 2 staff members per MARAMA member agency.

Registration has been set up on the LMS to WAITLIST ALL AGENCY STAFF. MARAMA will forward each Training Coordinator a list of their waitlisted staff on or before July 1st and will ask you to prioritize registration.
This training course will be held IN-PERSON and there is NO registration fee for this training. A fee of $90.00 will be charged for Federal employees.
Students will need to do the following in order to REGISTER FOR EACH COURSE INDIVIDUALLY on the LMS:

    • Create a USER PROFILE in the new EPA LMS: If you have not already done so, please create an account in the new Learning Management System (LMS) here.
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    • REGISTRATION within the LMS: To do this, please follow these instructions:
      • Log-in to your account and hover over the “My Training” tab on the home page.
      • Select the third option under “My Training” entitled “Instructor Led Training Calendar.”
      • Change the month to July of 2023, if it is not already and scroll down to the course date and click on the course title.
      • Register for the course by clicking on the blue REQUEST button . You will be able to add yourself to the waitlist by clicking the blue button on the bottom right-hand corner which reads ADD TO WAITLIST. You should receive a confirmation message that you have been added to the waitlist. You will also receive an automated email once you have been ENROLLED and added to the roster.
      • Once you have been enrolled in the course, please complete the PRE-TEST within the LMS. The deadline to take the pre-test will be July 17, 2023.
      • NOTE: Logistical details regarding this course will be provided approximately 1 week prior to the course.