MARAMA’s State Implementation Planning Training Workshop

May 16 – 17, 2023
May 23 – 24, 2023

MARAMA’S State Implementation Planning (SIP) Training Workshop was held virtually over 4 days in May via WebEx. This workshop was very well attended by agency staff across the country. Here are the workshop’s goals and objectives, as well as, the schedule and topics covered.  Review the Agenda


• Understand the legal basis and requirements for air quality state implementation plans (SIPs)
• Understand where to find information you need to prepare your SIP
• Gain information from experienced planners from EPA and the MARAMA region on best practices for preparing SIPs
• Understand the perspective of other agencies on issues important to your agency

TARGET AUDIENCE: New and experienced SIP planners and other staff from Air agencies.


TUESDAY, MAY 16, 2023 (DAY 1)

History of Clean Air Act (CAA) (Valerie Gray, DNREC)
NAAQS Implementation (Michael Gordon, EPA Region 3)
Air Quality Management (Debbie Dutcher Wilson, MARAMA)
EPA & State SIP Processing Flowchart (Linda Longo, EPA Region 2)
SIP Flowcharts (Laura Jennings, WV DEP)
Types of SIPs (Marc Cone, MARAMA)
Overview of Attainment Demonstration – SIP Components (Marc Cone, MARAMA)

Click here for: SIP Workshop Day 1 Recording
Click here for: SIP Planning Acronym List

WEDNESDAY, MAY 17, 2023 (DAY 2)
DAY 2 TOPICS: Overview of Attainment Demonstration (Designation Process) SIP Components
aka “What do I need to do and why?” Then “How am I supposed to do that?”

Ambient Air Monitoring in SIPs (Christine Robbins & Nick Lazor, PA DEP)
Inventory Roles – Emissions in SIPs (Judy Rand, NJ DEP)
Mobile Sources in SIPs (Debbie Dutcher Wilson, MARAMA)
ERTAC Electricity Generating Units (EGU) in SIPs (Doris McLeod, VA DEQ)
Emissions Modeling Framework (EMF) (Susan McCusker, MARAMA)
Control Strategy Development (Judy Rand, NJ DEP)
Permitting Requirements (RACT, PSD, NSR) (Marc Cone, MARAMA)
Overview of AQ Modeling for SIPs (Zac Adelman, LADCO)
Overview of Transportation & General Conformity (Thomas Ballou, VA DEQ)
Public Review Process & Input (Thomas Ballou, VA DEQ)
Requirements for Completeness of a SIP (Part 51 Appendix V) (Panel Discussion)
Click here for: Appendix V to Part 51 (as of 051123)

Click here for: SIP Workshop Day 2 Recording

TUESDAY, MAY 23, 2023 (DAY 3)
DAY 3 TOPICS: Overview of SIP Components (continued)

iSIP Overview (Randy Strait, NC DEQ)
Good Neighbor / Transport SIP (Joseph Jakuta, DC DOEE)
I/M Certification SIPs (Brian Rehn, EPA Reg 3)
RACT Single Source SIP (Linda Longo, EPA Reg 2)
Regional Haze (RH) SIP (Dave Healy, NHDES)
110(l) Demonstration (Randy Strait, NC DEQ)
EPA Draft Guidance on 110(l) – June 2005
What Happens on Attainment Deadline? (Sharon Davis, NJ DEP)
Clean Data Determination (CDD) (Sharon Davis, NJ DEP)

Click here for: SIP Workshop Day 3 Recording
Click here for: EPA Draft Guidance on 110(l) – June 2005

WEDNESDAY, MAY 24, 2023 (DAY 4)
DAY 4 TOPICS: The Rest of the SIP Story – Case Studies, Challenges and Regulations

Environmental Justice (EJ) Initiatives on SIPs
EJ Data/Indices (Maggie Kuzemchak and LuAnn Brink, Epidemiology ACHD)
How to Address EJ in SIPs (Jason Maranche, ACHD)
EJ in New Jersey (Ken Ratzman, NJ DEP)

PM2.5 NAAQS Revision & Impact on SIPs
Allegheny County: Case Study PM2.5 SIP (Jason Maranche, ACHD)
Proposed PM2.5 NAAQS (Nicole Hagan, EPA HQ) (Ken Fradkin, EPA Reg 2)
Tips & Tricks Discussion

Click here for: SIP Workshop Day 4 Recording

Questions: please email Sue Dilli and Jackie Burkhardt ( MARAMA’s Training Coordinators.