MARAMA will not be providing hard copies of the presentations at this meeting.  We will be posting the presentations online as they are available.

Presentation page last updated on 9/28.


Each MARAMA member agency is asked to respond to the attached in writing before the workshop.  MARAMA will compile the answers and create a handout for distribution at the workshop.  At the end of the Workshop, time is set aside for an agency roundtable.  Each agency will only have 5 minutes to give an update during the roundtable, so answering these questions in advance in writing will help share significantly more information and allow you to focus on key points you would like to emphasize.

Please return the completed questionnaire by Thursday, September 23 at noon.

Questionnaire Handout (Microsoft Word® document)



Primary Focus:

  • Technical analysis in support of SIP development


  • To provide opportunities for training, discussion, and coordination among air quality planners from the MARAMA region.
  • To provide examples and guidance from other areas and from EPA.
  • To provide an opportunity to discuss forthcoming guidance with EPA.

Please note that the MARAMA Board Meeting will begin following the SIP Coordination Meeting. Please note that this meeting is for MARAMA members only and invited guests.   A copy of the agenda for is being mailed directly to the Board.  If you need a copy please contact Alice Lutrey (alutrey @

Intended Audience:

  • MARAMA SIP Planners
  • MARAMA Air Directors


Sheraton Inner Harbor Hotel
300 South Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: (410) 962-8300


On-line registration is open. Please note MARAMA is using a new registration system and you will need to log in and create a password.  If you have already signed in for a previous course, please utilize the log in and password you have already created.  Please do not set up a new account.

Registrations are due to MARAMA no later than Friday, September 3, 2010.

Registration Fee:

SIP Coordination Meeting (9/27-9/28)All Attendees      $0
Board Dinner Meeting (9/28)MARAMA member agency employees$0
Federal Employees & other attendeesTBD
Board Meeting (9/29)
(includes lunch)
MARAMA member agency employees$0
Federal Employees & other attendeesTBD

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Alice Lutrey at alutrey(at) or Joan Walstrum at jwaltrum(at) or 443-901-1882.