MANE-VU and EPA sponsored a Residental Wood Combustion Regional Haze SIP Day meeting on July 12, 2007 in Timonium, MD following the 2007 Regional Haze Science Meeting.

The meeting goals included:

  • Share and discuss information pertaining to residential wood combustion in Regional Haze SIP’s.
  • Facilitate a discussion of the various emissions inventory analyses that have been completed.
  • Provide an overview of voluntary wood smoke programs.
  • Discuss regulatory wood smoke programs and model rules.

This meeting was NOT open to the public.

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Final Agenda

Connecticut DEP/NESCAUM Monitoring Study
Pete Babich, CT DEP

EPA Discussion fo Emission Factors for Residential Wood Combustion Devices
Roy Huntley, US EPA OAQPS

Emissions Inventory Development: Advances and Remaining Issues

EPA’s Residential Wood Smoke Initiative and Best Management Practices
Eric Crump, US EPA OAQPS

Allegheny County Change-out Campaign
Tom Lattner, Allegheny Co., PA

Dayton, OH Change-out Compaign
Brian Huxtable, Dayton, OH

Funding Residential Wood Smoke Initiatives
Eric Crump, US EPA OAQPS

Overview of Regulatory Wood Smoke Initiatives/Model Rules
Lisa Rector, NESCAUM

SIPs and Residential Wood Combustion
Eric Crump, US EPA OAQPS

Miscellaneous Wood Smoke Issues
Lisa Rector, NESCAUM