Course Description: This course is designed to provide general training in the monitoring and reporting requirements of 40 CFR Part 75.  The course will provide details on the various monitoring options allowed by Part 75, review and discuss the initial and ongoing quality assurance tests associated with different CEMs and monitoring options, discuss certification and recertification requirements, discuss MATS reporting to ECMPS, discuss and provide an overview of the ECMPS software and generally touch on some of the areas where state and Regional personnel can play a key role in Part 75 implementation. AGENDA

Target Audience: This training is designed for state and EPA Regional inspectors, permit writers, planning personnel etc., who interact with Part 75 monitoring and reporting on a somewhat routine basis.  The course will attempt to provide a general overview of Part 75, while pointing out areas of interest for state and regional staff with respect to inspections, audits, notifications, hardcopy submissions and test reports that involve state and regional staff.

Instructors: Charles Frushour, EPA, CAMD | Chris Worley, EPA, CAMD