July 19 – 21, 2016


Workshop Location

Virginia Department of Environmental Quality
629 East Main Street
Richmond, VA  23219
Room: BC – 2nd Floor


INSTRUCTORS: Mary Boyer and Ken Gigliello


Course Description

The Advanced Inspector Training Course focuses on issues and techniques for the more senior inspector to help enhance and improve their inspection techniques and results. This course does not focus on any specific media but covers subject applicable to inspections in all media.  It is intended to provide additional tools to obtain information before, during, and after an inspection. The course will present “best practices” for conducting inspections and give the students an opportunity to discuss how these “best practices” apply or not to their own inspections.  Each class will have the opportunity to discuss and evaluate specific issues or areas of interest to them.



Those completing this course will have a thorough understanding of the compliance assessment practices that are employed for evaluating air emission sources. After completion of this class, the individual should be able to independently complete the following inspector tasks:

v  Permit condition compliance documentation and evidence gathering

v  Complete site inspections with appropriate documentation

v  Complaints handling and other inspection investigations

v  Inspection of air pollution sources


Target Audience

This course focuses on issues and techniques for the more senior inspector to help enhance and improve their inspection techniques and results.  No perquisites are required.





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Registration Deadline: July 1, 2016

NOTE: There is NO registration fee for state and local employees attending this meeting. A nominal fee will be charged for Federal employees.




700 E. Main Street

Richmond, VA  23219

Make your reservations begining April 25th: 804-643-5400 (please reference MARAMA)

Room Rate: $121.00 Plus tax

Breakfast: Complimentary for overnight guests

Parking: $10.00 self-park

Hotel Reservation Deadline Date: July 6, 2016



MARAMA will offer support to cover the cost of room and tax only (July 18th, 19th, and 20th) for up to 2 staff members per MARAMA member agency.  Supported attendees are responsible for all incidentals and travel.  Overnight support is not available to those individuals who live within 50 miles of the course location.  If additional or alternative support is needed, pre-approval is necessary and a request must come from your agency’s Air Director (or their designee) and emailed to MARAMA’s Executive Director, Susan Wierman, as well as MARAMA’s Training Coordinators, Jackie Burkhardt and Sue Dilli, prior to the event.  A list of what type of support is needed, an estimate of additional costs, and the reason for the support is essential to include.