NACT 345 Enforcement Case Development and Resolution IN-PERSON Training
Course LengthDatesSession Schedule
Course Length: 3-dayOctober 25-27, 2022Begins 8:30 AM Eastern
Maximum Attendance: 35 Registered Students Per Course.
Waitlist: MARAMA will work with your state agency Training Coordinators to confirm and prioritize attendance as necessary. You will receive a confirmation notice from the LMS system, once you have been ENROLLED in this course.
Registration Deadline: September 16, 2022
Agenda: NACT 345 Agenda
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Registration Questions: Sue Dilli and Jackie Burkhardt

Those completing this 3-day course will have an understanding of the compliance assessment practices that are employed for evaluating air emission sources. This training will begin each morning at 8:30 am and adjourn at 4:30 pm (1 pm on day 3).

Instructors: Tom Maslany | Don Gipe

Location: Harrisburg, PA 17101

Who should attend: New, entry-level stationary source inspectors, regulatory agency staff, and environmental specialists in business and government.

Course Description: This course is designed for a student who seeks to understand the complete compliance assessment process including enforcement. The student should come away with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a productive member of a compliance team. The two and one-half day course will focus on the enforcement case process used by US local, state, and federal environmental agencies primarily the administrative and civil judicial processes.

Maximum Attendance and Waitlist Information: (35 students)

NOTE: This is an IN-PERSON training course. The maximum attendance for this course is 35 students in order to allow for instructors to fully engage students and manage Q&A sessions, ultimately making each course more interactive. MARAMA will work with your state agency Training Coordinators to confirm and prioritize attendance as necessary. You will receive a confirmation notice from the new LMS system if you are ENROLLED in the course.

Registration Instructions:

This training course will be held IN-PERSON and there is NO registration fee for this training for MARAMA agency staff members.
NOTE for EPA Staff: MARAMA agency staff have first priority for enrollment, but should space become available, EPA staff members can register. The cost for Federal employees is $39.00 per person.

For more information about hotel and per diem costs, reach out to MARAMA Training.

Registration Contact Information: Jackie Burkhardt or Sue Dilli ( or Sharon Ray (

Course Registration Deadline Date: September 16, 2022 (There is currently a waitlist).

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    2. REGISTRATION within the LMS: To do this, please follow these instructions:
      • Log-in to your account and hover over the “My Training” tab on the home page.
      • Select the third option under “My Training” entitled “Instructor Led Training Calendar.”
      • Change the month to October of 2022, if it is not already and scroll down to the course date and click on the course title.
      • Register for the course by clicking on the blue REQUEST button . If the course is full, you will be able to add yourself to the waitlist by clicking the blue button on the bottom right-hand corner which reads ADD TO WAITLIST. You should receive a confirmation message that you have been added to the waitlist. You will also receive an automated email once you have been confirmed and added to the roster.
      • Once you have been enrolled in the course, please complete the PRE-TEST within the LMS. We will communicate with all enrolled students once the test is on the LMS. The deadline to take the pre-test will be October 24, 2022.