NACT 251 Asbestos Demolition and Renovation
November 17, 2021 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST
Agenda: NACT 251 Asbestos Demolition and Renovation
Instructors: Mary Boyer | Mohsen Nazemi
Training Series Host:This training series will be held via EPA’s new Learning Management System (LMS) and WebEx.
Maximum Attendance is 45 students per course in order to allow for instructors to fully engage students and manage Question and Answer sessions, ultimately making each course more interactive. MARAMA will work with your state agency Training Coordinators to confirm and prioritize attendance as necessary. You will receive a confirmation notice from the new LMS system once you have been ENROLLED in each course.
Registration Deadline Date: November 3, 2021
Registration Contact Information: Sue Dilli and Jackie Burkhardt ( , or Sharon Ray (

Course Description: This course is designed for air pollution inspectors. A variety of asbestos issues are discussed in this one-day course. Since contamination is a major concern when working near asbestos, safety is emphasized. The aspects of an effective inspection with proper and thorough case development are outlined and reviewed as is locating non-notifiers. Group participation is encouraged throughout the course as each individual topic is addressed. Specific coverage is given to health effects of exposure, containment practices, sampling procedures, chain of custody and documentation.