Virtual Training Workshop: With mobile sources emissions making up an increasingly significant percentage of our air quality impacts, MARAMA held an engaging Mobile Source Workshop in March, where presentations on mobile source challenges and remedies to reduce mobile emissions were made. This was a virtual event and copies of some of the presentations may be viewed below, along with the final agenda.

This was a virtual event and copies of some of the presentations may be viewed below, along with the final agenda and summary of the presentations. AGENDA | Summary Notes from MARAMA Virtual Mobile Workshop

Presentations: Links to PDF workshop presentationsSpeakers
Day 1 – Tuesday, March 16
Sessions 1 – Federal Agency Updates
EPA Regional UpdatesDaniel Birkett, EPA Reg 2 | Brian Rehn, EPA Reg 3 | Richard Wong, EPA Reg 4
Sessions 2 – Transportation Decarbonization Policy
Transportation & Climate Initiative Program (TCI-P) UpdateJames Bradbury, Georgetown Climate Center
Sessions 3 – COVID-19 Impacts on Transportation Air Quality
Freight in a Pandemic: Impacts of COVID-19 in Greater PhiladelphiaKristen Scudder, Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Comparison of 2020 Nitrogen Oxides and Fine Particle Concentrations in New Jersey with Data from 2014-2019Luis Lim
A Review of Traffic Trends and Implications in 2020Joel Dreessen, MDE
COVID Impacts in AtlantaJames Boylan, Ph.D., GA EPD
Sessions 4 – Near Road Analyses
Impacts of the COVID-19 Lockdown on Ozone Pollution in Maryland: A Modeling StudyHao He, UMD
Day 2 – Wednesday, March 17
Sessions 5 – Diesel Potpourri
EPA’s National Compliance Initiative Stopping Aftermarket Defeat Devices for Vehicles and EnginesEvan Belser, EPA
NJ’s Diesel I/M ProgramMelissa Evanego, NJ DEP
State Diesel I/M Programs and Tampering: A ComparisonSeema Kakade & Michael Sammartino, U of MD Environmental Law Clinic
Senate Bill 210 Heavy-Duty Inspection and Maintenance Program Development UpdateKrista Fregoso, CARB
Diesel Tampering Emissions Estimation ToolJenny St Clair, MARAMA
EPA’s Cleaner Trucks Initiative – Program UpdateBrian Nelson, EPA
Technology to Reduce Emissions from Heavy-Duty VehiclesMichael Geller, Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA)
Mitigating ZEZ Supply RisksPeter Slowik, International Council on Clean Transportation
Sessions 6 – Alternative Fuels / Electrification
Bringing Class 8 BEVs to Market Lessons LearnedDawn Fenton, Volvo
Day 3 – Thursday, March 18
Session 6 – Alternative Fuels
Update on Advanced BiofuelsEzra Finkin, Diesel Tech Forum
Session 7 – VW Updates
VW Environmental Mitigation Trust Program – Status UpdateDeanna Morozowich, DE
Maryland’s VW Settlement ProgramTim Shepherd, MD
North Carolina Phase 1 VW Settlement ProgramBrian Phillips, NC | Dave Willis, NC
New Jersey VW Mitigation UpdateMelissa Evanego, NJ
Driving PA ForwardMike Trone, PA
VW Environmental Mitigation Trust VA UpdateAngela Conroy, VA
Session 8 – Emissions Modeling / Moves
Introduction to the r4moves PackageJoseph Jakuta, DC DOEE
VIN Decoding for MOVES Inventory Runs and Fleet ClassificationTom Dvorak, NJ DEP
Comparison of Ozone Precursor Emissions from MOVES3 & MOVES2014bGil Grodzinsky, GA EPD
A First Order Comparison of Default Databases between MOVES3 and MOVES2014bJin-Sheng Lin, VA DEQ
Developing Updated Nonroad Activity InputsSarah Roberts, EPA OTAQ
Submitting 2020 Mobile Source Data and Best PracticesJanice Godfrey, EPA OAQPS