As the region becomes increasingly aware of the impact of port emissions on air quality, this webinar will provide an interesting look at the potential power of AIS data on emission inventories. There will be two presentations concerning use of the AIS data (Automatic Identification System) collected by the US Coast Guard to develop shipping and port emissions inventories. Louis Browning of ICF, will describe the data and how it can be applied to port emission inventories. Mark Janssen of LADCO, will talk about his work and how he applied the AIS data to estimate Great Lake emissions. The moderator will be Julie McDill, MARAMA’s executive director, who will look at the long term goal of this data to motivate development of better shipping and port emissions inventories, particularly for the Mid-Atlantic region.

Louis Browning – “Using AIS to Develop Port Emission Inventories”

Mark Janssen – “Ozone Impacts of Marine Vessels on the Great Lakes”

Rose Mueller – “AIS Data for Maritime Emissions Inventories”