About this webinar: The U.S.’s approximately 500,000 school buses comprise the country’s largest public transportation network, moving 26 million children between school and home every day. About 95% of those buses run on diesel. A $5 billion Bipartisan Infrastructure Program allocated by US Congress created a great opportunity for school districts to apply to EPA for funding to replace diesel school buses with low or zero emission school buses.

The available funding makes the timing right to replace old diesels with low and zero emission vehicles. This webinar will provide a how to guide on taking advantage of this opportunity. Five speakers from around the Mid-Atlantic will combine for an informational and resourceful webinar on how to plan and execute a bus replacement project. A speaker from a Virginia school district with a fleet of electric school buses will share their experiences, national Non-Profit will discuss a 5-prong approach to creating a plan to upgrade a school bus fleet, a utility company will lay out how to approach a utility about electric infrastructure, a bus company will provide advice on other elements of a sound bus replacement plan, and EPA will present the latest on the School Bus Funding.

Questions: Contact Debbie Thomas, 443-322-0320 or dthomas@marama.org

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