The call focused on diesel emission reduction projects in the construction sector, including retrofits, repowers, and upgrades to construction equipment such as tractors, loaders, and backhoes.  The call also included round-robin updates from the States on their current diesel projects and a summary of upcoming resource opportunities.

Presentations on projects in Virginia, Metropolitan Washington, and Western Pennsylvania included:

Washington Metropolitan Region:

Jeff King, of The Metropolitan Council of Governments (MWCOG), will discuss the Nonroad Engine Particulate Filters and Retrofits in nonroad diesel construction equipment and the Nonroad Engine
Repowers in nonroad diesel construction equipment that are part of MWCOG’s project to reduce emissions from heavy duty diesel fleets in the Washington metropolitan region.

Presentation (pdficon_small)

Constructors Association of Western Pennsylvania (CAWP):

Jason Koss, of CAWP, will discuss the projects to repower engines, upgrade engines, and install diesel particulate filters on off-road diesel equipment owned and operated by CAWP member contractors.

Presentation (pdficon_small)

Luck Stone, Richmond, VA:

Charlie Luck, IV, CEO of Luck Stone, will discuss the first construction repower project in Virginia, which repowers or replaces older diesel engines in off-road construction vehicles with new, more efficient diesel engines and generators.

Presentation (pdficon_small)

Chelsea Jenkins, of Virginia Clean Cities, will discuss their partnership with Luck Stone.

Presentation (pdficon_small)

Caterpillar Emissions Solutions

Brett Alkins, of Caterpillar Emissions Solutions, will discuss what’s on the horizon and potential benefits.

Presentation (pdficon_small)

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