NACT 334 – Permitting Practices and principles

Dates: September 29 – October 1, 2015

Maryland Department of the Environment has scheduled the NACT 334 Permitting Practices and Principles course and there may be a few additional seats available for staff members from other MARAMA member agencies.  If you have anyone interested in attending, who lives outside of 50 miles from the course location, MARAMA will offer support to cover the cost of room and tax (for the nights of September 28th, 29th, and 30th ) for 1 staff member per MARAMA member agency.  Supported attendees are responsible for all incidentals and travel.  Please note that any staff member, who MARAMA supports for this meeting, must stay at a hotel which offers the government per diem rate or lower, not to exceed $150.00 plus tax, in order for MARAMA to provide reimbursement.  If additional or alternative support is needed, pre-approval is necessary and a request must come from your agency’s Air Director (or their designee) and emailed to MARAMA’s Executive Director, Susan Wierman, as well as MARAMA’s Training Coordinators, Sue Dilli and Jackie Burkhardt, prior to the event.  A list of what type of support is needed, an estimate of additional costs and the reason for the support is essential to include.


Maryland Department of Environmental Quality
Montgomery Park (MP)
1800 Washington Boulevard
Baltimore MD 21230
Training Room: Aeris & Aqua Rooms (1004 & 1005)

NOTE: Students will need to bring an engineering calculator to the course.

Class Length: 3-day lecture course

For more information, contact Sue Dilli or Jackie Burkhardt at 443-322-0316.

INSTRUCTORS:  Robert Coleman, Dr. Ted Guth, Lance Erickson

Course Description

This course is designed for semi-experienced stationary source permit engineers, inspectors, regulatory agency staff, and environmental specialists in government. This course provides hands-on training in the methods and procedures used to review permit applications and to prepare air quality permits.  This course is designed for personnel of State and local agencies that have some experience in permit programs. The course is designed primarily for permit writers, but inspectors who must read and interpret permit conditions and make site inspections will benefit as well.

Course material will address state and local permits, as well as Title V federal operating permits.  Other topics covered will include Compliance Assurance Monitoring; Monitoring, Reporting, and Record-keeping requirements; and toxic air contaminant issues associated with permitting.

Prerequisites:  Successful completion of any fundamental air pollution permitting course such as NACT 333 – Effective Permit Writing I, and 12 months of air pollution experience in a state or local air pollution permitting program, or equivalent courses/work experience.



Please register on line at

Registration Deadline:  September 15, 2015

Should you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to let us know.