February 26-27, 2013

Doubletree by Hilton Annapolis
210 Holiday Court
Annapolis, MD 21401


We welcome you to join MARAMA for this two day workshop in which speakers from Federal agencies, MARAMA member states, non-profits, regional planning organizations, and the University of Maryland will discuss the latest Mobile Source Air Toxics (MSAT) initiatives, challenges, opportunities, and accomplishments.



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Presentation Title Speaker Presentation
2 pp
Transportation Impacts on Air Quality Chris Salmi, NJ DEP pdficon_small display
Black Carbon Report to Congress Ben D’Angelo, US EPA pdficon_small display
EPA Report on Air Toxics Policy – Progress & Challenges Matt Laurita, EPA
Region 2
pdficon_small display
FHWA’s Interim Guidance on Mobile Source Air Toxics Analysis in NEPA Documents Karen Perritt, FHWA pdficon_small display
How Can Conformity Budget Help Improve Air Quality? Tad Aburn, MDE pdficon_small display
Air Quality Benefits from Tier 3 Low Sulfur Gas Program Matthew Solomon, NESCAUM pdficon_small display
EPA APTI-Learn & Available Training Resources Alice Lutrey, MARAMA pdficon_small display
Transportation and Air Quality Resources Available from the FHWA Kevin Black, FHWA pdficon_small display
The Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) Program: Changes Under MAP-21 Mike Koontz, FHWA pdficon_small display
Diesel I/M SIP Credit Peg Hanna, NJ DEP pdficon_small display
Assessing Near Roadway Emissions Impact and Hot Spot Modeling Matt Laurita, EPA Region 2 pdficon_small display
Two Approaches for Evaluating the Difference in Emissions Between Diesel and CNG Buses Paul Heishman, FHWA pdficon_small display
Emission Rate Approach for Evaluating the Differences in Emissions Between CNG and Diesel Buses Joon H. Byun, FHWA pdficon_small display
Minimizing Air and Climate Impacts Across the Natural Gas Value Chain Drew Nelson, EDF pdficon_small display
Electric Vehicle Initiatives in Southeast Pennsylvania Robert Graff, DVRPC pdficon_small display
What Can We Learn from Observations & Modeling to Inform Inventory Estimates? Russell Dickerson, UMD pdficon_small display
Statistical Evidence of the Impact of Air Quality Control and Nonattainment
Designation on Vehicle Miles Traveled in the Past Three Decades
Cory Krause &
Xiang He,
University of Maryland
pdficon_small display
Diesel Collaborative Steering Committee Update Mike Dowd, VA DEQ pdficon_small display
EPA Region 3 Perspective Carol Febbo, EPA
Region 3
pdficon_small display

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