MANE-VU and MARAMA held the 2009 Science Meeting “Total Reactive Nitrogen: Regional Haze Impacts and Mitigation Options” on July 28-29, 2009 at the Pier 5 Hotel in downtown Baltimore, MD.

Science Meeting Overview:

At the recent NARSTO-MARAMA-NESCAUM-NYSERDA regional emissions inventory conference ammonia was identified as one of the key areas for improvement in the regional emissions inventory.

The purpose of the meeting was to increase understanding by state and local agency air quality managers in the region about:

  • The source and fate of emissions of ammonia and other reactive nitrogen compounds (Nr);
  • Impacts of Nr on air quality and the relationship of air quality to other environmental effects.
  • Measurement technology to assess concentrations of Nr and emissions of Nr;
  • Potential control measures that may help reduce airborne Nr and deposition of Nr;

Meeting Report:

Report on the MANE-VU 2009 Science Meeting – Total Reactive Nitrogen: Regional Haze Impacts & Mitigation Options pdficon_small

All presentations are in PDF Format

Final Agenda

Overview of Reactive Nitrogen in the Atmosphere, and Draft Overarching Recommendations of the EPA Integrated Nitrogen Committee
Russell Dickerson, University of Maryland

The Importance of Ammonia in Modeling Atmospheric Transport and Deposition of Air Pollution
Robin Dennis, EPA NERL

Considerations on Combined NOx-SOx Secondary National Ambient Air Quality Standards
Ted Russell, Goergia Institute of Technology

Ammonia Monitoring Efforts Supported by EPA’s Clean Air Markets Division (CAMD) and Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards 
Melissa Rury, EPA CAMD

Data Needs and Measurement Methods for Ammonia and Reactive Nitrogen Species: Atmospheric Nitrogen, from A to Z
George Allen, NESCAUM

Quantifying Emissions of Ammonia for Air Quality Analysis
Dr. Viney Aneja, North Carolina State University

Ammonia Emissions Estimation for Modeling – Current Practice
Julie McDill, MARAMA

EPA’s 2008 Ammonia Inventory
Roy Huntley, EPA OAQPS

Characterization of the Winter Midwestern and Northeastern Particulate Nitrate Bulge
Rich Poirot, Vermont DEC

Federal Support for Research on Air Quality Impacts of Agriculture 
Raymond Knighton, USDA Cooperative State Research, Education & Extension Service

State of North Carolina Approach to Managing Ammonia Emissions
Gary Saunders, North Carolina DENR

Valuation and Policy Options, Including Consideration of the Potential Use of Ammonia Emissions Reductions as Emissions Offsets
Dallas Burtraw, Resources for the Future