Overview of Proposed Revisions to Monitoring RuleLewis Weinstock | Michael Papp
What’s Going on in 2015Alice Chow, Region III
Near Road Monitoring NetworkLewis Weinstock | Nealson Watkins
Preparing a Useful Five-Year Network AssessmentLewis Weinstock
Maryland’s Approach to the 2010 Network Assessment and Plans for 2015Jennifer Hains
Fumigation StudyChuck Turner, VA DEQ
Proposed Ozone Monitoring Revisions – Ozone Season and MethodsLewis Weinstock | Joann Rice
PAMS Program Update – V2Kevin Cavender, US EPA OAQPS
Quality Assurance – Audit Issues and ExpectationsMichael Papp
SO2 Data Requirements RuleSO2 Data Requirements RuleNealson Watkins
Review of 2014 Air QualityAmy Huff | Bill Ryan
Lower Cost Air Measurement TechnologyGayle Hagler
Citizen Science – Connecting, Technology, and CommunicationLinda Bonanno
The Speck MonitorIllah Nourbakhsh

Meeting Description: This meeting, which spans 2 ½ days, will include: roundtable discussions with member agencies; updates from EPA Region 3, OAQPS, and the IMPROVE Committee; and presentations from invited speakers. AGENDA