Terence Ake
Babcock Power, Inc

Mr. Terence R. Ake is the Product Manager for Circulating Dry Scrubber Technology at Babcock Power, Inc. Terry has over twenty-five years of experience in combustion technology, selective catalytic reduction, and scrubbers with Babcock Power, Inc. – a leading provider of steam generators and clean power technology for utilities, industry, and independent power producers.  Terry has a B.S. from the University of Illinois and a M.S. from Iowa State University in Chemical Engineering.


Amy Evans
Marsulex Environmental Technologies (MET)

Amy Evans currently functions as the Director of Technology and Manager of Process Engineering for Marsulex Environmental Technologies (MET), headquartered in Lebanon, PA. MET provides environmental systems and services, primarily air quality compliance, to electric utilities, petrochemical and general industrial customers worldwide.
Amy has a diverse background in the area of utility air pollution control including research & development, proposal and project management, and process engineering. She holds a B. S. in Chemical Engineering from Case Western University.


Howard B. Fitzgerald
Lhoist North America

Howard B. Fitzgerald is the Flue Gas Treatment Specialist for Lhoist North America’s New Business Development Group.  Howard’s primary role is to introduce calcium products – lime, hydrated lime, and limestone – to customers in the electric power industry. Howard has over 20 years of experience in the coal-fired electric power industry and an additional 10 years of experience in heavy construction and manufacturing.  Howard’s education includes a B.S. in Civil Engineering.


Yougen Kong, Ph.D., P.E.
Solvay Chemicals Inc.

Yougen Kong is the Technical Development Manager at Solvay Chemicals, Inc.  He has a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer (P.E.).  He has over twenty years of experience in power generation, air pollution control and chemical processing.