The MARAMA’s Monitoring Committee Training Workshop took place on December 5-8, 2022 in Swarthmore, PA. This year’s training workshop had two attendance options, either in-person or virtual (via WebEx).


This training workshop included: roundtable discussions with member agencies; updates from EPA Region III and OAQPS; and presentations from invited speakers. Participants shared their experience meeting challenges with new air quality monitoring technology, updated data analysis and quality assurance methods, and revised regulatory requirements.

Copies of some of the presentations may be viewed below, along with the final AGENDA: Monitoring Workshop Agenda


Tuesday, December 6, 2022 – TRAINING WORKSHOP 

Makoto Kelp, Harvard University: A New Approach for Determining Optimal Placement of PM2.5 Air Quality Sensors
EPA Region 2 Update, Gavin Lau: EPA Region 2 Update
EPA Region 3 Update, Alice Chow: EPA Region 3 Update
EPA Region 4 Update, Ryan Brown: EPA Region 4 Update
Lunch Presentation by Dr. Tianjun Lu, California State University: Leveraging Citizen Science and Low-Cost Sensors to Characterize Air Pollution Exposure of Disadvantaged Communities in Southern California
PAMS PANDORA Update, Dr. Lukas Valin, EPA ORD: PANDORA Update
PAMS Virginia Experience, VA DEQ: Virginia DEQ PAMS Experience

Wednesday, December 7, 2022 – TRAINING WORKSHOP 

Source Contribution Analysis in the Middle East Dr. Sergey Osipov, Max Planck Institute for Chemistry

Program Updates
IMPROVE Update Scott Copeland, Colorado State University
EPA AirNow Update John White/Rob Wildermann, EPA OAQPS
AQS/AirNow Consolidation Phil Dickerson, EPA OAQPS

2022 Domestic and International Events
World Meteorological Organization’s Barcelona Dust Regional Center Dr. Sara Basart, Barcelona Dust Regional Center
2022 Alaska Wildfire Season Rick Thoman, Alaska Center for Climate Assessment and Policy

Lunch Presentation: Philadelphia AMS Mobile Lab Paresh Mehta, Philly AMS

Several Roundtable Presentations:
MD: MDE Update
NC: NC Air Monitoring Update
PA: PA Projects and Perspectives
WV: WV Monitoring Highlights

Maryland Meteorological Audit System, David Krask/Chris Smith, MDE

Thursday, December 8, 2022 – TRAINING WORKSHOP

Meteorological Trends of High Ozone in North Carolina, Bradley McLamb, NC DEQ
PA DEP Methane Drone Study, Frank Purtell, PA DEP
2023 AEROMMA Study, Dr. Carsten Warneke, NOAA

Questions: Sue Dilli and Jackie Burkhardt