Course Description: The goal of this course is to present information that will help environmental professionals address present and future NOx control issues. The course introduces a broad range of control technology topics and identifies some of the sources for obtaining further information on these topics. Those completing this course will gain an understanding of the mechanisms by which nitrogen oxide (NOx)is formed in the combustion process as well as sources of NOx emissions and the history related to regulating NOx emissions from these sources. Attendees will be able to perform regulatory reviews involving the types, applicability, capability, and limitations of available control techniques to suppress the formation of NOx emissions or to minimize NOx emissions.

    Course Topics:

  • Federal and State Regulatory Requirements
  • NOx Formation Processes and Combustion Modifications
  • Low NOx Combustor Systems
  • Catalytic and Non-Catalytic Reduction
  • Emissions Monitoring

Target Audience: The target audience is new permit and compliance engineers and scientists, with an engineering or scientific degree,  who are responsible for permitting, compliance, and SIP planning activities.

Russell Bailey, Trinity Consultants
Ron Hawks, Trinity Consultants
Wendy Merz, Trinity Consultants