Webinar Overview:

The webinar will covered an introduction to a broad range of models used in air quality analysis to provide context for the upcoming Air Dispersion Models Overview Course (APTI 423) in July.  The presentation covered photochemical, meteorological, emissions, dispersion, trajectory and receptor models.  Specific models of each type were identified and the general approach to their use will be described.  Finally, guidance on the appropriate use of each model type was explained.  The webinar was presented by Julie McDill, Sr. Environmental Engineer of MARAMA


At the end of the webinar the participate should be able to:

  1. Correctly use model names and acronyms in discussion or written materials
  2. Identify the types of modeling needed to address a variety of air quality issues
  3. Identify photochemical grid models for SIP planning
  4. Identify dispersion models for point source analysis
  5. Define source apportionment modeling and receptor modeling and their role in identifying source contribution to air pollution
  6. Identify the step to develop an emissions inventory
  7. Recognize & understand the purpose of meteorological models
  8. Find more information when needed.


A Brief Introduction to Modeling Topics (PDF)

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Draft Modeling Topics Resource Guide

Questions & Answers

What are the preprocessors for AERMOD?

  • AERMAP – a terrain preprocessor
  • AERMET – a meteorological preprocessor

Can CMAQ do Plume in Grid like CAMX?

  • No