MARAMA Compliance & Enforcement Virtual Workshop and What Permitters Need to Know!
Day 1 WorkshopTues. May 10, 20229:00 AM – 4:00 PM EDT
Day 2 Stack Test Beginner TrainingWed. May 11, 20229:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT
Day 2 Stack Test Advanced TrainingWed. May 11, 20229:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT
Day 2 WorkshopWed. May 11, 202211:15 AM – 4:00 PM EDT
Day 3 WorkshopThurs. May 12, 20229:00 AM – Noon PM EDT

Workshop has concluded. If you would like information, please reach out to Alex Garsteck, MARAMA, as well as MARAMA’s Training Coordinators,Jackie Burkhardt and Sue Dilli.

Workshop Objectives: This “virtual” workshop will provide an opportunity to interact with and learn from MARAMA member agency Compliance and Enforcement program representatives as well as invited expert speakers and MARAMA air directors. Participants will share experiences meeting challenges with operating during a pandemic, Environmental Justice issues, the importance of Source Emissions Testing and updates from the EPA.

Who Should Attend:

    • Permitting staff are encouraged to join their Compliance and Enforcement peers, to gain a better understanding on how limits are translated into effective compliance (testing and monitoring schemes) and to understand the needs to make permit limits enforceable.
    • Stack testers, both beginners and experienced compliance and non-compliance staff, are invited to join one of the Source Emission Stack Testing training sessions, which will be running concurrently and followed by a panel discussion.
    • Inspectors, both new as well as seasoned, are encouraged to attend this workshop to share experiences and to bring questions to the table to discuss.
    • Any agency staff member who would like a better understanding of recent “pollutants of concern” and the compliance challenges associated with the likes of PFAS and Ethylene Oxide.
  • Day 1 Topics

    • Environmental Justice Presentation
    • State/Local Agency Roundtable
    • C&E Collaborating with Permitting – Panel

    Day 2 Topics

    • Source Emissions Testing Training Sessions
    • CEMS Informational Presentation
    • C&E of Specific Pollutants Presentations

    Day 3 Topics

    • EPA Regional Updates
    • EPA FedTalent Presentation
    • EPA ECHO Presentation
    • BEGINNER Training Session: Learn what stack testing is and the purpose of it (compliance and permitting-wise), the commonly used EPA testing methods and the type of equipment used to conduct a stack test.
    • ADVANCED Training Session: Learn the more involved EPA test methods that incorporate the commonly used test methods, the types of equipment used in the more involved test methods and a closer look at isokinetic and what that means in order to conduct a stack test.