Training Workshop Description: This “virtual” workshop provided an opportunity to interact with and learn from MARAMA member agency monitoring program representatives as well as invited expert speakers and MARAMA air directors. Participants shared experiences meeting challenges with new air quality monitoring technology, updated data analysis and quality assurance methods, and revised regulatory requirements. Agenda

Presentations: Links to PDF training workshop presentation files Speaker
Day 1 – Tuesday, December 8
Keynote Speaker
SMOG Museum: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 Brian Charlton
GAO Report
GAO’s Work on Air Quality Alfredo Gomez
ATSDR Report
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry-ATSDR Lori Werner
EPA Overview
EPA OAQPS AAMG Update Kristen Benedict
EPA Region 2 Update Gavin Lau
EPA Region 3 Update Alice Chow
EPA Region 4 Update Laura Ackerman
Day 2 – Wednesday, December 9
PAMS Implementation
PAMS Update Kevin Cavender
CAS PAMS GC vs Sanity Charles Sarnoski
PAMS True NO2 Experience Ryan Auvil
Unified Ceilometer Network Ruben Delgado
Quality Assurance
EPA OAQPS Ambient Air Monitoring Program Update Greg Noah
EPA Region 3 Update Verena Joerger
Program Updates
AirNow Program Phil Dickerson
CASTNET Update Timothy Sharac
IMPROVE Network Update Scott Copeland
The Role of Satellites in Monitoring
Copernicus Atmosphere Satellite Service Mark Parrington
AerosolWatch Amy Huff
Quantifying Methane Emissions Yuzhong Zhang
ACTIVATE Project Armin Sorooshian
Day 3 – Thursday, December 10
Virginia’s Experience – Air Quality Forecasting Daniel Salkovitz
Pointers, Ploys and Procedures
Philadelphia AMS Experience – ATEC Canister Sampler Paresh Mehta
Campaign Updates
OWLETS-2 Update John Sullivan
LISTOS – Leveraging Monitoring to Improve Modeling Alex Karambelas
Gulf of Mexico – SCOAPE Cruise AQ ONG Anne Thompson
Trinidad Head California Ozonesondes Ryan Stauffer
2020 Events
George Washington Universtiy Covid and Air Quality Dan Goldberg
NASA’s Tools to Track Air Quality Barry Lefer
Saharan Dust in Texas Weslee Copeland
San Francisco Wildfire Response Duc Nguyen