NACT 200 Series:

  • NACT 272 Stationary Gas Turbines
  • NACT 285 Landfill Gas Control Facilities
  • NACT 284 Volatile Organic Compound Control Devices

Course Description: With an increase in demand of the electric utility industry, stationary gas turbines have become more popular in recent years as combined-cycles, peaking power plants and cogeneration facilities. The course discusses uses of gas turbines, fundamentals of operation of modern turbines with emphasis on state-of-the-art controls to achieve some of the lowest emission concentrations for this source category. The course also discusses combined cycles with HRSG units, steam turbines and power generation. This is followed by a detailed discussion on emissions and control techniques such as Dry Low-NOx  combustors with staged combustion, water or steam injection followed by SCR and CO catalysts. Applicable federal and local BACT regulations, permitting requirements, and agency inspection procedures and safety concerns are thoroughly discussed. NACT 272 AGENDA 

Note: Please bring a scientific calculator with you to class.

Target Audience: These courses, as described below, are intended for new, entry-level as well as semi-experienced stationary source permit engineers, inspectors, regulatory agency staff, and environmental specialists.

Site Visits: Students must bring applicable safety equipment such as hard hats, safety glasses, ear protection, and safety shoes to participate in the field visits.

Instructor: Dr. Ted Guth