Presentation Title Speaker
Oxide Etylene Dirk Felton
Power BI User Guide Venkat Gadde
Power BI Training Slide Presentation Venkat Gadde
Region 3 Update Alice Chow
NJ Early PAMS Adopters Joshua Ray
EPAMS Profiler & Ceilometer Network Ruben Delgado, PhD
Overview of the 2019 Air Sensor Workshop Howard Schmidt
The Pittsburgh RAMP Network Albert Presto, PhD
Chester Healthy Infant Research-To-Action
Partnership (CHIRP)
George Gerton, PhD/Marilyn Howarth, MD
Assessing Low Cost Air Quality Monitors at Rider University Carissa Moore
Monitoring Particulate Matter with Sensor Technology Jordan Davis
VOCS and OWLETS-2 Joel Dreessen
LISTOS Study Dirk Felton
How to Prepare and Air Quality Forecast James Boyle
IMPROVE Steering Committee Update David Krask
CASTNET Update Timothy Sharac
Overlooked Quality Assurance for Non-Criteria Parameters Verena Joerger/Kia Long
Met One Meteorological Equipment Donald Torsello
Ceilometer Basics Tung Vu
Met One Meteorological Equipment Luis Lim
PM Continuous Monitoring with the TAPI 640 Betsy Frey
SO2 Airpointer Tip and Tricks Adam Reese
Cooper Environmental Xact 625i Multi-Metal Keith Hoffman
An Integrated Observing System for Air Quality James Szykman

Training Workshop Description: This training workshop will include: roundtable discussions with member agencies; updates from EPA Region III and OAQPS; and presentations from invited speakers. Participants will share their experience meeting challenges with new air quality monitoring technology, updated data analysis and quality assurance methods, and revised regulatory requirements. AGENDA