Day One
Presentation Title Speaker
Trends in Transportation Energy Use and Emissions H. Christopher Frey, Ph.D.
CRC Real World Emissions Workshop Debbie Wilson
Benefits of Large Engine Replacements Ezra Finkin
NCDOT Rail Division Clean Propulsion Initiatives Lynn Harris
Air Quality Congestion Pricing Ann Shikany
CMAQ Performance Measures Robert R. J. d’Abadie
Diesel Vs. Electric aka Future Truck Allen Schaeffer
ZEVs and Air Quality Dustin Watson
Day Two
NJ Tampering Initiative Melissa Evanego
Defect Device Cases James Adamiec
The Transportation and Climate Initiative James Bradbury
WVU Emissions Research Arvind Thiruvengadam, Ph.D.
Clean Fuels Alleyn Harned
Alternative Fuels Implementation Mark Hand
Tucker VW Settlement Dylan Tucker
Panel Electrify America Patricia B. Readinger
Agenda Training Workshop

Training Workshop Description and Objectives: This workshop will provide an opportunity to interact with and learn from MARAMA member agency staff as well as invited expert speakers and MARAMA air directors. Participants will share experiences meeting challenges to understand and reduce mobile emissions. Topics that we are looking to incorporate into the agenda include:

  • California Heavy-duty diesel vehicle Inspection Overview
  • Air Toxics Hot Spots Risk Assessments
  • Onroad Emission Inventory Trends
  • Do bike-share programs reduce automobile pollution? Tim Hamilton, assistant professor of economics, examines bike-sharing programs impact on traffic congestion and automobile pollution
  • Overview of Proposed Congestion pricing in New York City
  • Maryland analysis of near-road data
  • Impact of Lyft and Uber on air quality
  • Impact of electrification on air quality
  • Overview of VW settlement projects
  • Fuel reduction technologies
  • Mobile emissions and Greenhouse gas targets
  • Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States (CT, DE, MD, MA, NJ, PA, RI, VT, VA , DC)
  • Transit initiatives – High speed rail? Better reliability? Cost?
  • Highlights from CRC Real world emissions meeting in CA the week prior
  • Options for fleets