Presentation – August 21, 2018 Facilitator
GenX Case History Michael Pjetraj, NC DAQ
Presentation – August 22, 2018 Facilitator
Vegetable Oil Extraction MACT – Perdue Case History Craig Evans, PA DEP
NATA Changing Focus Due to Revised Risk Thresholds – Ethylene Oxide Case History Jessica Fry, US EPA
Overview of New Jersey’s Approach to Risk Screening Joel Leon, NJ DEP
Leveraging Data to Drive Mobile Source Reductions Peg Hanna, NJ DEP
Diesel, Railyard, and Port – The Port of Virginia Voluntary Diesel Reductions Measures Angela Conroy, VA DEQ
Fumigation Workgroup Findings Debbie Dutcher Wilson, MARAMA
Fumigation Fenceline Modleing and Monitoring Yiling Zhang | Luis Lim, NJ DEP
Pier X MeBr Fumigaiton – A Case History Nicole Stilwell, Phila AMS
Fumigation Monitoring Urva Patel, NC DAQ
Presentation – August 23, 2018 Facilitator
Air Toxics Monitoring Programs – A Virginia DEQ Perspective Chuck Turner, VA DEQ
Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in Landfill Gas Yogesh Doshi, NJ DEP
Formaldehyde Emissions from Landfill Gas and Natural Gas Engines Ken Ratzman, NJ DEP
Pennsylvania Landfill Gas Sampling Experience Craig Evans, PA DEP
Delaware Landfills – Odor Issues and Engine Update Angela Marconi, DNREC
Sampling in Allegheny County Airport Before and After Oil and Gas Well Installation Dr. LuAnn Brink, ACHD
Workshop Notes Staff

Training Workshop Description: This Air Toxics workshop is intended to allow state agency monitoring, permitting and compliance staff to meet and compare notes on current topics for the purpose of training and coordination. Our goal is to have both experienced and new staff from all MARAMA agencies attend and learn from each other as well as from knowledgeable presenters. AGENDA