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General Workshop Information

Roundtable Write Ups

Please note that the presentations will be updated after the meeting to reflect any changes made between what was posted and what was presented at the meeting.

OAQPS Update on Emerging Issues
Lewis Weinstock, EPA OAQPS

Continuous Monitoring for PM Species
Beth Oswald, EPA OAQPS

Recent & Upcoming Activities of the Clean Air Science Advisory Committee
George Allen, NESCAUM

National Monitoring Steering Committee Update
Charlie Pietarinen, NJ

David Krask, MD

Lead (Pb) Monitoring Methods Update
Joann Rice, EPA OAPQS

Lead (Pb) Monitoring Revisions
Kevin Cavender, EPA OAQPS

Near-Road Monitoring
Nealson Watkins, EPA OAQPS

North Carolina BAM Monitor Performance
Wayne Cornelius, NC

Allegheny County BAM PM2.5 Monitor Performance
Jason Maranche, Allegheny County

Ambient Air QA
Dennis Crumpler, EPA OAQPS

PAMS Data Analysis
Kevin Cavender, EPA OAQPS

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