The 200 Series courses are designed for environmental professionals in government who specialize in air pollution compliance. Each 200 series course focuses on a specific source category and reviews the general process, theories and applications, source emissions and control techniques, applicable laws and regulations, typical source permit conditions, record keeping and monitoring requirements, and compliance inspection procedures. These one day courses are comprised of interactive classroom instruction followed by “hand-on” field training at a representative facility which enhances the student’s learning experience.

Instructors for the course are: Bob Warland and Neil Isabelle

Each course includes a site visit at a representative faciility.  As with any facility you may visit there are some safety precautions that must be followed.  Listed with each course is the safety equipment required to participate.

March 21 – Landfill Gas Control Facilities (285) — Description — Agenda

Safety Equipment Required:  Long pants and closed toe shoes required (steel toe preferred), ear protection recommended.

March 22 – Fugative VOC Emissions Inspections (262) — Description — Agenda

Safety Equipment Required:  Long pants, steel toe shoes, ear, and eye protection required.

March 23 – Industrial Boilers (273)  — Description — Agenda

Safety Equipment Required:  Long pants and closed toe shoes required (steel toe preferred), Bump cap, ear, and eye protection will be provided, bring hard hat if available. 10 Minute Safety Video will also be provided,

March 24 – Stationary Reciprocating Engines (271) — Description — Agenda

Safety Equipment Required:  Long pants, closed toe shoes, hard hat, ear protection, required.  Special Note:  No restrooms onsite.


If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact Alice Lutrey at alutrey(at) or Joan Walstrum at jwaltrum(at) or 443-901-1882 .