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MARAMA and the Institute of Clean Air Companies (ICAC) sponsored Advances in Air Pollution Control Technologies Workshop.   The purpose of the workshop was to provide state/local and federal government agency staff with the latest information on current and emerging emission control technologies for criteria and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Information on a variety of control technologies were presented by the companies that have developed them.  Presentations included schematics of control devices, real world control efficiencies, and case histories.

PRESENTATIONS pdficon_small


EPA’s Final Rules to Reduce Air Toxics from Industrial Boilers
Ray Chalmers, EPA Region III

NOx Emission Control Options for ICI Boilers
John M. Boyle, Ph.D., Fuel Tech

Advances in Activated Carbon Injection Technology for Mercury Control
Richard Miller, ADA-ES

Multi-pollutant Emission Reduction Technology for Small Utility Boilers
Lew Benson, NalcoMobotc

Calcium Hydroxide DSI & Factors that Impact Acid Gas Control Performance
Michael Schantz, Lhoist North America

Dry Sorbent Injection – Sodium
Paul Jones, Solvay Chemicals, Inc.

Circulating Dry Scrubber Technology Applicability for Industrial and Small Utility Boilers
Justin P. Chenevey, Babcock & Wilcox

Optimized Cyclone Performance – Wood Waste
Terry Crabtree, Anguil Environmental

Controlling Mercury Emissions from a Cement Kiln: Mercury Roaster Technology
Peter Paone, FLSmidth Minerals Inc.

NOx Control for Stationary Gas Engines
Wilson Chu, Johnson Matthey, SSEC

Oxidation Technologies for Stationary Rich and Lean Burn Engines
Bill Hizny, BASF Corporation

Emission Control Equipment Costs
Jim Staudt, Andover Technologies Parnters

Acid Gas Moniotring Techniques
Ty Smith, CEMTEK Instruments

Portable Analyzers for Stationary Engines and other Industrial Applications
Drew Wilson, ECOM America Ltd.

Fugitive Emission Detection Using Toxic Vapor Analyzers (TVA)
Bob Francis, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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