Monitoring Committee Meeting Overview:

Discussions at this year’s workshop included the Network assessment, data acquisition systems, school air toxics, PAMS, and the implications of the 5- year monitoring plans. Talks were also given by Dick Felton, NY DES, Monica Mazurek, Rutgers University, and Bill Ryan, PSU.

All presentations are in PDF format


Network Assessment Goals
Kevin Cavender, EPA OAQPS

MDE Summary of EPA Tools for Network Assessment
Jennifer Hains, MDE

Urban Mercury Modeling
Dirk Felton, NY DES

Data Acquisition System
Hank Fallek, IPS Meteostart

PEP Audits Issues
Dennis Crumpler, EPA OAQPS

Planning, Organizing, and Implementing Special Studies: Priorities, Resources, Results — Examples and Discussions
Joseph Martini, DE DNREC

Air Quality Program Special Studies
Darrell Stern, Allegheny County

EPA Update on NAAQS with Monitoring Implications
Kevin Cavender, EPA OAQPS

Near Roadway Monitoring Example
Charles Pietarinen, NJ DEP

Analysis of Urban Concentration of Organic Carbon Particles to Identify Contributing Sources
Dr. Monica A. Mazurek, Rutgers University

Ozone Forecasting: Have Things Changed Since 1990?
Bill Ryan, Pennsylvania State University