MARAMA held their first webinar the Preparation of Area Source Emission Inventories for Particulate Matter. It was based on the recently updated PM2.5Emission Inventory Class that was held in Boise, Idaho in July 2009.  Topics relating to area sources, particularly resources that are MANE VU specific, were highlighted. The presenters of the course were James Southerland, Tom Pace, and Kirsten Thesing of E.H. Pechan & Associates. The 4-hour course was held on October 28, 2009.

The topics covered included:

  • Introduction to area source calculations
    • Definition
    • Resources
    • Standard methods for calculating non point source emissions
    • Reconciliation of area source emissions estimates with point source estimates.
  • Fugitive dust
    • Agricultural Tilling
    • Paved roads
    • Unpaved roads
    • Construction
    • Modeling Issues
  • Combustion Sources
    • Residential Open Burning
    • Land Clearing Debris Burning
    • Agricultural Burning

(posted in PDF format)

Final Agenda

Introduction to Fine Particulates (PM2.5)

Introduction to Nonpoint Source Calculations

Reconciling Point and Nonpoint (aka Area) Sources

Fugitive Dust Nonpoint Sources

Modeling Considerations for Crustal Materials

Combustion Nonpoint Sources

Land Clearing Debris Burning

Agricultural Burning