The MARAMA SIP Workshop was held on February 10-11, 2009 in Raleigh-Durham, NC on the EPA Campus and at the Wyndham Raleigh-Durham-Research Triangle Park.


Overall goals for the meeting

  • A shared understanding of requirements for the next round of SIPs
  • A commitment to work together to meet deadlines
  • A refined proposal for regional modeling inventory development by MARAMA

All presentations are in PDF format.

Final Agenda

Overview of Recent Air Quality in the Mid-Atlantic Region
Bill Ryan, Penn State University

SIP Deadlines, Schedules for Technical Work
Anna Garcia, OTC

Emissions Inventory Preparation Plans and Potential Areas for Improvement of the Modeling Inventory for the Eastern U.S.
Doug Solomon, EPA OAQPS

Eastern Regional Technical Advisory Committee (ERTAC)
Mike Koerber, LADCO

Preparation of the Regional SIP Modeling Emissions Inventory
Julie McDill, MARAMA

Emissions Inventory: Lessons Learned and Future Plans for PM2.5, Haze and Ozone
Sheila Holman, VISTAS – SESARM

Strengths & Weaknesses of Current Air Quality Forecasting in the Region
Bill Ryan, PSU and George Bridgers, NC

EPA Guidance on Modeling for SIP Development
Brian Timin, EPA OAQPS

Anticipated Guidance on Ozone SIPs
John Silvasi, EPA OAQPS

Technical Analysis to Support SIP Planning for 2006 PM2.5 and 2008 O3 Standards
Mike Koerber, LADCO

OTC States Modeling Plans and Issues
Jeff Underhill, NH

Air Quality Modeling PM2.5, Haze, and Ozone
Sheila Holman, VISTAS-SESARM