The MARAMA Workshop on Energy and Air Quality Issues was held on September 22-23, 2008 at the Holiday Inn Fort Washington in Fort Washington, PA.

The goals for this two day workshop were:

  • Identify opportunities for promotion of energy efficiency and conservation in air quality planning
  • Promote inter-agency coordination and progress in pursuit of regional air quality improvement strategies.

The presentations and resources from the workshop are now available.
(All presentations are posted as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file)


New Jersey High Electric Demand Days
Tonalee Key, NJ DEP

OTC Initiatives for ICI Boilers
Doug Austin, OTC

Overview of PJM Demand Response and Energy Efficiency
Susan Covino, PJM

Transition Upgrades and the Effect on the Energy Supply Mix
Sandra Patty, Maryland Power Plant Research Program

Demand Side Management in a New Era of Utility Regulation
James Browder, Dominion Power

More Effective Energy Use in Our Region
Charles Driggs, Pepco Holdings

One Utility’s Perspective on Investments in Clean Energy
Frederick Lynk, PSE&G

Issues and Opportunities for Moving Forward on Low Sulfur Fuel
Arthur Marin, NESCAUM

Delaware Sustainable Energy: A Delaware First
Dr. John Byrne, University of Delaware

Energy Efficiency: A Low Cost Approach for Air Quality and Climate Change
Kathleen Hogan, EPA

Protocols for including Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Products in SIPs and Climate Change Programs
Jeff King, Metro Washington COG

Avoided Air Emissions from Energy Efficiency and Renewable Electric Power Generation in the PJM Interconnection Power Market Area
Colin J. High and Kevin M. Hathaway

NOx Emissions Calculator .v9 (Excel Spreadsheet)

Identifying Mobile Source Contributions to Particulate Matter
Dr. Doug Lawson, National Renewable Energy Lab

Railroads: Emissions, Analysis, Impacts, and the Potential for Improvement
Dr. Michele Bergin, GA DNR

Permit Development for US Steel’s Clariton Coke Works
Jim Thompson, ACHD