The Advances in Air Pollution Control Technologies Workshop was held on July 9-10, 2008 in in Exton, PA.

This workshop was presented in cooperation with Institute of Clean Air Companies (ICAC). Vendors provided detailed technical information about new control technologies that are available to meet the new regulatory drivers.

The US EPA Air Pollution Training Institute had the workshop video taped and edited into short videos for each presentation. These videos are posted on the US EPA website.

The presentations from the training workshop are now available.
(All presentations are posted as an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) file)


The Need for New Air Pollution Control Technologies – Julie McDill, MARAMA

Advancements in Activated Carbon Injection Technology – Mark McCormick, Norit Americas Inc.

Acid Gas Scrubbers for Multi pollutant Reductions – Garret Billemeyer, BELCO Technologies

ESP Upgrade Options for an Industrial Boiler – Bob Mastropietro, Lodge-Cottrell, Inc.

Upgrading ESP Components for Additional PM Control on Coal-fired Boilers – Helmut Herder, NWL

Electrostatically Enhanced Fabric Filtration Systems & ePTFE Membrane Elements for Improved PM Capture – Michael Johnson, GE Environmental Services

Fabric Filter Innovations and O&M – John Vaklyes, Midwesco Filter Resources

Control PM and Acid Gas Emissions from Industrial Boilers – Lew Benson, Carmeuse North America

Emission Control Options for Ethanol Manufacturing Facilities – Rich Grzanka and Terry Crabtree, Anguil Environmental

NOx Emission Control Strategy for the Steel Mill Industry – Kevin Dougherty, Fuel Tech

Emission Controls for Stationary Engines Introduction – Chad Whiteman, ICAC

How does CAMR Vacatur affect Permitting –

Emergency Generator and Load Shaving Units – Randy Mosier, MDE

Delaware’s Control of Stationary Generator Emissions Regulation – Mark Prettyman, DE DNREC

New Jersey Amendment to Nitrogen Oxides Rule for Internal Combustion Engines Summary – George Fekete, NJ DEP

Pennsylvania Air Quality Permitting for Internal Combustion Engines – Naishadh Bhatt, PA DEP

Oxidation Technologies for Stationary Engines – Ken Jeffers, Johnson Matthey/Argillion

NOx Control Technologies for Stationary Engines – William Hizny, BASF Catalysts, LLC

Synthetic Fuel Substitutes for Thermal Oxidizers – Steve Blocki, Durr Environmental

Particulate Controls for Stationary Diesel Engines – Wilson Chu, Johnson Matthey

Emissions Measuring Technologies Introduction – Richard Hovan, Pavilion Technologies

Advances in NOx Testing with Portable Analyzers – Craig McKim, Testo, Inc.

Mercury CEMs – Richard Panorese and Jeremy Whorton, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Predictive Emission Monitoring, A Cost Effective Option – Richard Hovan, Pavilion Technologies

What Pollutants can be Measured and What Cannot – Bob Davis – Airgas, Inc.

Importance of Protocol Gas Accuracy for Emissions Measurements – Mike Hayes, Spectra Gases