The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Mid-Atlantic/ Northeast Visibility Union (MANE-VU), and the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HPBA) co-sponsored a Residential Wood Combustion Workshop, September 25-27, 2007 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Residential wood combustion has been identified as a contributor to haze in MANE-VU Class I areas and PM2.5 nonattainment. This meeting will help you learn about ways to control emissions from residential wood combustion equipment and about regulatory actions that are aimed at decreasing the impacts of Outdoor Wood Boilers (OWBs).
The goals for this workshop are:

  • The magnitude of the residential wood smoke issue, including fireplaces, wood stoves and OWBs
  • Share information pertaining to OWBs
  • Discuss state regulatory activities and latest efforts and plans by states to address emissions from OWBs
  • Discuss the benefits of and how to implement changeout programs
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of Residential Wood Combustion equipment
  • Discuss progress on emission inventories and emission factors
  • Mechanisms for addressing the problems caused by residential wood combustion including wood stove changeouts, outreach campaigns, and rules and ordinances
  • Case studies of local air district’s efforts to address wood smoke

This meeting was not open to the public.

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Final Agenda

Overivew of the Significance of Residential Wood Combustion in Air Pollution
Larry Brockman, EPA RTP

Introduction to the Heath, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HPBA)
John Crouch, HPBA

Past, Present, and Future Plans for Decreasing Pollution from Residential Wood Combustion
Larry Brockman, EPA RTP

Understanding the Terminology and Equipment used in Residential Wood Combustion
John Crouch, HPBA

Industry Perspective on the Outdoor Woodfired Hydronic Heater (OWHH) Issue
David Menotti, Pillsbury, Winthrop, Shaw, Whitman, LLP

Dayton Ohio Changeout Campaign
Brian Huxtable, Dayton Ohio

Oneida Tribe, Wisconsin Changeout Campaign
Jeff Mears, Oneida Tribe

Sacramento, California Changeout Campaign
Kevin Williams, Ph.D., Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

Woodstove Changeout Results from Libby, Montana and Nez Perce In-Home PM2.5 Studies
Amanda Aldridge, EPA RTP

Tools Available and Funding to Implement Your Wood Stove Changeout Campaign
Amanda Aldridge and Larry Brockman, EPA RTP

Market Research for Changeout Programs: Tacoma, Washington, Dayton, Ohio and Canada
Kristen Bremer, EPA RTP

Progress on Emission Inventories/Emissions Factors and Project Updates
Roy Huntley, EPA RTP

Experience with a Wood Stove Changeout as part of an Enforcement Settlement Agreement
Barbara Johnson, American Lung Association

OWHH: An Emerging Issue
Lisa Rector, NESCAUM

Michigan’s OWHH Experience
Brian Brady, Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

OWHH Emission Studies
Lisa Rector, NESCAUM

Next Steps in EPA’s OWHH Program
Debbie Stackhouse, EPA RTP

Information Regarding the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) Air Pollution Control Technology Center
Debbie Stackhouse, EPA RTP

Ultra-low Emissions, European Wood, and Biomass Combustion Technology
Ray Albrecht, NYSERDA

State of State Regulatory Activity
Lisa Rector, NESCAUM

Wood Smoke and OWHH Health Impacts
Phil Johnson, Yale Graduate School Doctoral Program, Independent Environmental Health Consultant

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